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Suns vs. Nuggets score: Chris Paul helps Phoenix dominate Denver in Game 2 to lead 2-0 in series.

The Phoenix Suns pulled off a 123-98 victory over the Denver Nuggets in Game Two on Wednesday night to lead 2-0 in the second-round series. A fifth consecutive win for the Phoenix this season, Chris Paul leads the Suns with 17 points, 15 assists and 0 turnovers. Paul’s assist-to-turn ratio in the series is now remarkably 26-1. Devin Booker also added 18 points and 10 rebounds for the setting sun.

Phoenix appeared to be a step faster than Denver in game two. Because it has everything that is needed in the offensive line. At the same time, it made the game difficult for Denver. All five of the Suns stars scored twice. Compared to just two for the first five of the newly minted MVP Nuggets, Nikola Jokic secured the Nuggets with 24 points, 1

3 rebounds and 6 assists, but his production was not enough. especially with a little help from those around him. move forward Nuggets coach Mike Malone will have to figure out a way to keep his team going. Especially Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr., who combined just 17 points from 6-20 shots in Game 2.

The only good news for the Nuggets right now is that if the series were to switch to Denver for Games 3 and 4 there, the Nuggets would look better than they could in Phoenix. Unfortunately for Denver Mathematics is not by your side. A total of 430 playoff series started with 2-0 and only 28 times the pre-emptive team failed to win the series against Land of Basketball. That was less than seven percent of the time. The latest example of this happened in the first round of this year, as the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Dallas Mavericks in seven games after dropping the first two games of the series. So it’s not an impossible feat. but it is not possible Nuggets can’t think about the odds. As they have to focus fully on Game 3, which is scheduled for Friday night.

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