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Suspect Walks Lady Gaga’s Dog

More details on Lady Gaga’s dog walker attacks and what happened before them.

Three men drove around Hollywood in late February to patrol expensive French bulldogs to steal, prosecutors said. Their night will end with the sound of gunshots and violent theft of the pop star’s beloved pet.

The theft will make headlines around the world and motivate French bulldog owners to be vigilant during their walks, with few clues publicly available about the case or the circumstances surrounding the dog.

The criminal complaint was filed Thursday by prosecutors in the Los Angeles Superior Court and received by The Associated Press on Monday.


7;s family ‘involved’ by the dog’s arrest, the singer’s dog was ‘Home and happy,’ said the father.

The five suspects have pleaded guilty to Lady Gaga's robbery and attempted murder of her dog.

The five suspects have pleaded guilty to Lady Gaga’s robbery and attempted murder of her dog.
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Five people were charged in the case, three of the men and two of the alleged accomplices – and all were pleaded not guilty.

Lady Gaga’s connection was a coincidence, officials said. The motive is the value of French Bulldogs, a breed that can run thousands of dollars, and detectives don’t believe the thief knew the dog was a pop star.

Three men in a sedan – James Jackson, age 18, Jaylin White, 19; And Lafayette Whaley, 27, was arrested last week for attempted murder and theft. Jackson was also accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer.

The trio, alleged gang members nicknamed Infant Dice, Lil Gudda and LFace respectively, are due to return to court on May 11.

Whaley drove Jackson and White around Hollywood, West Hollywood and San Fernando Valley on February 24. The criminal complaint stated they found Fischer and his three counts in Hollywood.

LADY GAGA DOGNAPPING, ATTEMPTED MURDER SUSPECTS, please do not be guilty in the trial.

The trio hunted Fischer as he led dogs named Asia, Kochi and Gustave down the famous Sunset Boulevard, L.A. prosecutors wrote. They turned off the lights of the white saloon and followed him down a quiet side street.

Jackson and White jump out and attack Fischer, stealing Kochi and Gustav in a fierce battle recorded on a nearby house’s doorbell camera. They hit and choked, accused prosecutors Fischer, and Jackson pulled out a semi-automatic gun and fired one shot at Fischer before they fled.

Dog Walker Screaming Camera Recorder “Oh my God, I was shot!” And “Help me!” And “I bleed from my chest!”

Two days later, White’s father, Harold White and Jennifer McBride, who had an affair with Elder White, became involved in the theft, prosecutors wrote. They were accused of helping Nong White avoid arrest and McBride returned the dog to police on February 26.

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She claimed the animal was found strapped to the post, police said at the time and asked about Lady Gaga’s $ 500,000 reward offer if the dog was returned. “Don’t ask questions” The singer was in Rome while filming the movie.

Lady Gaga is seen leaving her apartment with a koji dog on May 12, 2015 in New York City.

Lady Gaga is seen leaving her apartment with a koji dog on May 12, 2015 in New York City.
(MPI67 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images)

At first, police said McBride appeared to “Not involved and not involved” in the crime, she was charged with stolen property worth more than $ 950 in addition to the count as an accessory after the fact.

Jaylin White still holds more than $ 1 million in bonds, shows prison records. Jackson has more than $ 3 million in bonds and Whaley’s bonds are $ 1.1 million. Elder White, an alleged gang member nicknamed Lil Porky, was released from prison on Saturday and McBride was released Monday for Waiting for the next court hearing

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A lawyer for McBride could not immediately be reached for comment. It was not immediately clear if others had lawyers who could speak on their behalf.

Lady Gaga and Fischer made no public mention of the arrest. Fischer is recovering from a gunshot wound and has called the violence “Calling Close to Death” in Social Media Posts

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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