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Sutton Stracke Full-Time & ‘Holding A Diamond’ in Trailer – Hollywood Life

The crown may be heavy and beloved, but Sutton Stracke eventually puts it in Season 11 of ‘RHOBH’.

In the near future, fans will be able to watch the first trailer for season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly HillsAnd it was very good, an insider who saw it and said HollywoodLife Special Sutton Stracke Hold diamonds – “You won’t be friends” this time.

Sutton Stracke (BRAVO)

While the news is heartening to many, it’s also surprising that Sutton was only a “friend” last season, as she hasn’t filmed enough of her personal life. Although it was quite possible that she had been immersed in her personal life while filming this new season, or the producers just realized that. good Sutton was on camera, so they decided to give her a diamond. Either way, we’re thrilled to know that she’ll finally be holding the diamond she deserves. Especially because we had previously learned that she would take Erika Jayne To work on her highly exposed divorce from Tom Girardi… that alone is valuable with diamonds.

While Erika will talk a lot about her divorce. (Shocked, right?) We learn that Sutton will question how surprised Erika was from the break. Earlier it was reported that Erika had been separated. But we said Sutton wasn’t convinced – and she would. very Known for this season, “You will definitely see Erika crying and feeling emotional. Everyone except Sutton supported her. But Sutton made drama for everyone, so it’s not surprising that she did the same for Erica, ”our source previously revealed.

Before filming season 11, Sutton shared her hopes of getting the diamond. In a recent interview with Us every weekShe also spoke about why she didn’t work full-time last season, “the diamond is very heavy to hold. But i like to [be] Definitely a diamond-bearer member “.

HollywoodLife Contact Bravo to comment on this new development. But we didn’t immediately receive an answer. The new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Expected to be released later this year.

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