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Switching from Android to iPhone allowed me to see what my friends thought.

I decided to switch to iPhone from Android at the beginning of this month And I don’t think it’s very important. Over the past couple of years, while using an Android phone, I’ve easily been able to contact friends and family without it. iMessage and FaceTime Because there are many non-Apple services that will let you text and video chat in 2021, even though both are available. iOS Equipment. I think we’ve been through it. It doesn’t matter if someone is a “green bubble” or a “blue bubble” in their messages, but after I started using my new iPhone, the following messages started from several friends:

Graphical User Interface App: Now that I have FaceTime, I have a friend who wants to make instant video calls. Sarah Tew/CNET

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Now that I have FaceTime, I have a friend who wants to make instant video calls. Sarah Tew/CNET

Graphical User Interface Apps: iMessage is nice, but shouldn't matter. Apple

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iMessage is good, but it shouldn’t matter. Apple

“I’m glad you’re blue now!!!”


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“Welcome to the Apple Club!”

“It depends on the time.”

All of these are true messages. Either through texting or in front of friends who know my switch told me… And I don’t understand why

Yes, iMessage is convenient, yes, so is FaceTime. While I personally decided to buy an . iPhone 12 Pro Max for new design and App Privacy Controls in iOS 14.5I didn’t expect this to make a difference for everyone in my community. In particular, I didn’t expect it to matter to the point of showing great relief and ecstasy.

Over the past three years using Android on a Moto Z2 Play and Pixel 3 XLThe same friend also “found” me on other services. many benefits WhatsApp for sending messages Google Duo It’s my favorite way to video chat — and frankly, it includes a ton of new improvements coming to FaceTime this fall. iOS 15 such as invite links, portrait mode, and chat within any web browser. Microsoft’s integration of Facebook Messenger and Skype merged with most contacts that weren’t on WhatsApp or Duo, and even the latest group chats walking on MMS have shifted to Instagram. more accessible RCS message….)

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The confetti screen effect is probably my favorite. But I need more.

Despite the apparent convenience that people have for these non-Apple services, in the weeks leading up to my device replacement, I’ve lost my mind. Many of my friends tell me that they have plans to leave other services. those when I migrate to iOS.

“You’re the only person I talk to on WhatsApp,” a high school friend confessed to me. which previously told me that it was very convenient…

A couple of friends I talked to primarily on Facebook Messenger told me about their excitement in moving our chats to iMessage. Then I realized that one of them never gave me a phone number.

Computer screenshot: Signal and WhatsApp offer encrypted messages.  Whether you're using an iPhone or not, James Martin/CNET

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Signal and WhatsApp offer encrypted messages. Whether you use an iPhone or not, James Martin/CNET

And another friend almost didn’t care to video chat with me when I was on Android, but now that they can FaceTime, I get a missed call prompt.

kindly My family members don’t care if I’m using an iPhone, while I know FaceTime is a preference for them. But one thing is more important: does it work? at least with them Video chats via WhatsApp and Skype still work.

Even Apple is beginning to recognize that it’s most important to facilitate quick and easy conversations no matter what device people use. FaceTime is open to participants on Android, Windows, and wherever a web browser is loaded. It’s only half a step: Well, when it launches, it’ll let iOS people include whoever they want in the conversation, but actually starting a FaceTime call looks like it would. It’s still exclusive to Apple devices. UrAvgConsumer Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, admits turning on FaceTime is what customers want.

WWDC21: iOS 15 and all the best features



“Very often there are people in large groups who may not have Apple devices and you don’t want to shut them out of the party. But we don’t want to use anything other than FaceTime, for example. What do we think you want as an Apple customer? You want to bring in all your friends,” Federighi said in an interview with the YouTube channel.

And even though it’s great But it’s also about competition. Apple knows that if it doesn’t keep up with the services of competitors like ZoomEven the most loyal Apple customers may stop using services like FaceTime.

For me, making the switch didn’t change much. I still communicate with everyone in my life. now because My “Blue Bubble” makes it easier for my friends and family who love to use iPhones.

Which is your favorite app for texting and video chatting? And is it really important for your friends and family to use iMessage or FaceTime? Tell us in the comments.

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