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Syria intercepts Israeli missiles attacking Damascus – official media

Official media reported on Tuesday that Syrian air defense systems intercept Israeli missile strikes over Damascus. state media reports Meanwhile, a military defector said the missiles could target Iran-backed militias.

“Syrian air defenses block Israeli aggression coming from Lebanese airspace,” state media said. heard a huge explosion

Syrian military sources are quoted by state media as saying: The attacks targeted the central and southern regions. Without giving further details about the site, he added that only material damage remained.

Some state media said The attack took place in the province of Homs. which is adjacent to the neighboring country Lebanon The Lebanese Hezbollah group backed by Iran moving along the rugged border area

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli army. if confirmed This will be the first missile attack in about a month. A pre-dawn attack took place at the port of Latakia in the Mediterranean near a Russian air base on May 5.

Western intelligence sources said Israeli attacks on Syria, which have risen since last year, are part of a US-sanctioned shadow war, which is also part of anti-Iran policy. which over the past two years has undermined Iran’s vast military power without causing a significant increase in hostilities.

An intelligence source said Israel has expanded its targets across Syria over the past year. Thousands of Iranian-backed militias have taken part in reclaiming much of the land lost by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the aging civil war rebels. decades

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