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T-Mobile 5G home internet: $ 60 per month, speed 100Mbps and no data limit.

T-Mobile's 5G home internet gateway sits on a table next to a tablet.
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Yesterday, T-Mobile launched its 5G home internet service for $ 60 per month, saying it typically offers download speeds of 50 to 1

00Mbps and upload speeds of 10 to 25Mbps.

The $ 60 all-inclusive monthly price, T-Mobile said, promising that “No additional taxes or fees, no equipment fees, no contracts, no surprises or explosive bills.” The service has no data limits, but T-Mobile home internet customers get slower speeds than their mobile customers during congested times.

“In times of congestion, Home Internet customers may notice slower speeds than other customers because of their data priorities,” T-Mobile said in a footnote in the announcement. T-Mobile said this would be rare. In the open Internet disclosure, T-Mobile said, “Customers are given the network’s priorities, as well as large numbers of data users.” But it is likely to be congested due to the device being stationary and available in limited areas ”(“ heavy users ”are mobile customers faced with a potential slowdown due to overuse. The 50GB limit is 50GB per month for most T-Mobile plans.The 50GB threshold is not used for 5G home internet, but home services can be slower. Compared to mobile speeds when networks are congested, even if home customers don’t use as much data that month).

T-Mobile noted that[v]The streaming resolution of ideo depends on the available speed. And there appears to be no strict limitations on video resolution. A CNET reporter testing the service wrote, “I streamed 4K video for hours, attended Zoom conferences, downloaded large games to install, and more. All without. Hiccup in the report, “T-Mobile told Ars that home internet speeds generally” exceeded the bandwidth required to stream 4K video. “

T-Mobile’s FAQ states, “We expect the vast majority of new T-Mobile Home Internet customers to see average download speeds above 100Mbps, and all eligible households expect to see average download speeds of 50Mbps. Speed ​​may vary depending on your location, signal strength and availability, time of day and other factors.[m]New T-Mobile Home Internet customers can expect average upload speeds of between 10 and 25Mbps. ”Typically, latencies range from 21 to 35 milliseconds, T-Mobile said.

T-Mobile said customers would receive “The highest speed a network can offer at their home location” due to the lack of an option to upgrade to a faster plan.

Eligible for 30 million houses.

T-Mobile said 30 million households. (About a quarter of all in the United States) are “eligible” for home Internet service. But it’s not clear how many clients the company can accept before cutting their subscription. You can check if the service is available based on your address at this webpage.T-Mobile says 10 million eligible households are in rural areas of the United States, the rest are in urban and suburban areas.

T-Mobile launched its 4G LTE home service two years ago. The company already has 100,000 home internet customers and “said it expected about 500,000 fixed wireless customers by the end of the year,” according to Light Reading. Over the next five years, T-Mobile said it expects to have between 7 million and 8 million fixed wireless internet customers.

T-Mobile also provides this PDF listing the cities and towns with 5G home service, as well as numerous metro areas. But the service may be easier in less populated areas, Light Reading cited New Street Research claims that T-Mobile will “only sell capacity to fixed broadband networks in the market they have than Mobile Subs”. Only available, we estimate they can support an average of 4.1 million sub-subscriber fixed broadband providers in the market. They have too much capacity. “

“T-Mobile will accept members on a first-come, first-served basis until the capacity is exhausted, then will add more members as the capacity increases. [T-Mobile Executive VP Dow] Draper said, “According to PCMag,

In an FAQ, T-Mobile said, “We are working aggressively to expand the T-Mobile Home Internet Service to a growing number of people, but there is no location specific date yet.

“Availability can and will change in local areas as more local customers sign up,” T-Mobile told Ars. Of Wi-Fi gateways until the global supply chain returns to normal.

5G home gateway

Customers will receive a gateway, router, and modem that “converts”. [the] 5G signal to Wi-Fi and provides a Wi-Fi signal that all the devices in your home can access, “T-Mobile said. The device also uses Wi-Fi 6.”[m]uti-user MIMO, which generates more capacity as more users connect, improves individual speeds when many devices access Wi-Fi, ”T-Mobile said. Customers can set up to four network names (SSIDs). At each gateway

To start serving your home, “turn on the T-Mobile High-Speed ​​Internet Gateway, download the T-Mobile Home Internet app (Android or iOS), and follow a few instructions,” the company said.

T-Mobile does not support usage from the address where you purchased the service. “The T-Mobile broadband gateway is specific to your eligible address, so you can’t move from one location to another. This helps us make sure the location meets network standards. Of ours to provide you with a high quality of service, “said T-Mobile.

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