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T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has been updated with eSIM support.

While physical SIM cards are long gone, eSIM adoption is slowly growing. But steadily, in countries like the United States, Apple’s iPhone since the iPhone XS has dual-SIM functionality with a nano-SIM and eSIM, but it’s not that big yet. Although it is more convenient since you don’t actually have to insert and remove the SIM. But many phones in the US still don’t support eSIM as carriers, although some do have eSIM hardware right now, if you need eSIM support in the US, you need an iPhone or a Google Pixel, the latest update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Ultra on T-Mobile is bringing eSIM support through updates, as reported by Reddit user on / r / tmobile.

This is notable news as it is the first Samsung smartphone to support eSIM in North America. The new Galaxy S21 lineup released a few months ago supports this feature in the official specification sheet. Still, this feature hasn’t actually been rolled out in any major US carrier, and the update that made this feature has yet to be rolled out on any S21 series phone, the slightly older Note 20 Ultra is getting. Get support for this feature, giving S21 users hope that they will get it soon and future Samsung Galaxy smartphones that can support eSIM right away.

The eSIM support also means that these phones will be able to use dual SIMs via eSIM, just like the new iPhones, and this update adds support for DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby). It comes with bug fixes and security improvements.

The update is currently being rolled out to T-Mobile Note 20 Ultra users, so expect the update to arrive on your smartphone soon.

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