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Taiwan is a success story for COVID. It is now battling the biggest outbreak.

The democratic island off the coast of China, widely praised for having successfully dealt with COVID-19, reported 335 new cases on Monday, a record single-day increase. The island’s Central Epidemic Command (CECC) reported all but two.

According to the Taiwan Center for Disease Control, 155 of the 158 patients in the capital Taipei were linked to the receptionist’s teahouse.

Monday’s numbers are in line with the previous 207 statistics reported on Sunday.

Taiwan authorities imposed new social exclusion measures on Saturday, shut down bars, clubs and gyms around the island and limit indoor gatherings in Taipei and the surrounding New Taipei City to no more than five people.In Taipei, people had to wear masks outside ̵
1; if not. Doing so incurs a fine of NT $ 3,000 to $ 15,000 ($ 107 to $ 535).

All schools and kindergartens in Taipei and New Taipei will be closed for two weeks from Tuesday, and many local councils have also been suspended.

The measure is in response to “Increased levels of community transmission, represented by cases of idiopathic infections including cluster infection in Taipei and New Taipei,” the Taiwan Center for Disease Control said in a press release.

A street disinfectant was injected on a street in Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan on May 16, 2021.
Self-governing island leader Tsai Yingwen urged residents to follow guidelines and to keep those around him safe and healthy.
Last week, Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung said the island was in “critical condition”, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA).
The CNA reported that the outbreak was first detected among pilots. But since then I have found patients in the community. Taiwan is now reporting a number of clusters, including a case linked to a receptionist’s teahouse in Taipei and an amusement park in northeastern Yilan.

The CNA reported, after weeks of concerns about low vaccination, Chen said he was now concerned that the stock could be depleted, CNA reported.

The island has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world, with less than 1% of the 23 million people vaccinated, according to data compiled by CNN, the elderly, healthcare workers, and emergency workers or have. Other high-risk diplomats, as well as diplomats, police, supervisors and some other professions are eligible for vaccination under government programs.

The current outbreaks of COVID-19 on the island are relatively small compared to the outbreaks in other parts of the world, but this is an unfamiliar situation for Taiwan that so far has avoided a sharp increase in cases. have

Taiwan has reported 2,017 confirmed cases and 12 deaths since the outbreak, according to the Taiwan Center for Disease Control.

Hailed by the island for virus management, Bloomberg is ranked No. 5 in Taiwan in the Covid Resilience Ranking, which takes into account mortality, cases and vaccination rates, the Lowy Institute’s Lowy Institute. Australia ranks third on Taiwan’s epidemic response after Bhutan and New Zealand.
Last year, the island spent more than 250 days with no reported cases of widespread spread in the area.
Taiwan’s success is partly due to stringent border rules, which saw nearly all non-residents from entering the island since March last year.
The island also requires arrivals to have quarantine, although rules are more relaxed for cabin crews.

Health and Welfare Minister Chen said last week that Taiwan would quarantine all active pilots working for Taiwan’s China Airlines for 14 days amid a COVID-19 outbreak among cabin crew and hotel workers.

Correction: An earlier story raised the daily number of coronavirus cases reported in Taiwan on Monday, it was 335.

Additional reporting by journalists Andrew Lee in Taipei and CNN’s Akanksha Sharma and Sophie Jeong in Hong Kong.

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