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Taiwan says it will fight until the end if attacked as China sends more jets | Taiwan

China has sent more fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zones in demonstration of power, while Taiwan’s foreign ministers vowed the island will fight to the end if China attacks.

Taipei’s defense ministry said the scrambled aircraft to broadcast warning messages to the latest raid, which included 12 Chinese fighters.

China’s use of such drills has risen to a record over the past year to increase pressure on self-governing Taiwan, which is considered its territory. Beijing has vowed to seize the island someday if necessary.

The latest attack comes when Taiwan mourns the worst train crash in decades that killed 50 people and sent a rare message of condolences from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu accused Beijing on Wednesday of handing “A very mixed signal,” offering sympathy for the train collision while clinging to the warplanes, “I would say the policy defeats itself,” Wu said.

“It will not be the purpose of the Chinese government whether they want to win the hearts of Taiwan or intimidate the people of Taiwan”

He added: “ We are willing to defend ourselves without any questions and we will fight in war if we have to fight in war. And if we have to protect ourselves until the last day, we will protect ourselves until the very end. “

China’s sabers have risen significantly since Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen won the 2016 election, as she rejected the idea that the island was part of “one China”.

Last year, Chinese jets hit a record 380 times in Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), some analysts and U.S. military officials warned that tensions were at their highest since the mid-1990s.

Wu said there were few signs that China was willing to lift off the aggression since US President Joe Biden took office. “If you count the number of Chinese planes entering our ADIZ this year, it has grown significantly. From the same period last year, ”he said.

China has long been using military and civilian ships to invade neighboring territory, known as the tactical “gray zone”. The Philippines has been in turmoil in recent weeks with the sudden appearance of more than 200 Chinese ships. From conflicting coral reefs

“Like-minded countries in this part of the world need to be aware of the expansion of the Chinese government,” Wu said.

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