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Taiwan warned that it would fight until the end of the war with China.

  • Taiwan’s foreign minister said the autonomous islands would fight to end the war with China.
  • His comments came as China increased its military activity across Taiwan.
  • This week, China has sent a group of carriers, as well as dozens of military aircraft, to drill nearby.
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A senior Taiwanese official warned Wednesday that the autonomous island would fight for a “last day” in a conflict with China, which has ramped up military activity nearby.

“We are willing to defend ourselves without any questions,” Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said.

“We fought in war if we had to go to war and if we had to defend ourselves until the last day, we would defend ourselves until the end,”

; he added.

The Chinese army sent a group of Liaoning aircraft carriers to drill in waters near Taiwan on Monday to strengthen it. “The capacity of the Chinese navy to protect national sovereignty, security and development,” said a Chinese defense ministry spokesman.

The spokesperson added that the exercise will continue and take place regularly.

Also on Monday, 10 Chinese military aircraft, including four J-10 and J-16 fighter jets, Y-8 anti-submarine warfare and the KJ-500 early warning aircraft, entered. Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, CNN reported.

Shi Hong, chief editor of China’s Shipborne Weapons magazine, told the Chinese state affiliate Global Times: “This practice shows that [People’s Liberation Army] Able to surround the island of Taiwan “

Shi added that the practice of sending messages inhibited not only But only Taiwan But there are also foreign forces such as the United States and allies that may take steps to support Taiwan in an emergency.

The United States has no obligation to defend Taiwan. But democratic autonomous islands are considered allies, often criticizing China’s efforts to pressure or intimidate Taiwan and have long supported Taiwan’s self-defense through arms sales.

Chinese military aircraft flights near Taiwan have become common Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Wednesday that 15 Chinese aircraft, including 12 fighter jets, had entered ADIZ, according to Reuters.

Taiwan has responded to frequent, almost daily attacks by fighting its own warplanes to intercept Chinese planes.

Experts say there are several explanations for China’s military activities in Taiwan.

“I view it as both a demonstration of the courage of the PLA and a political statement about what Chinese leaders view as their own stance in Taiwan’s autonomy,” International Researcher Timothy Heath / RAND Corporation Senior Defense

He explained that the activity also sent a political message in the country that Chinese leaders continued to take national reunification goals seriously.

Then there was the training of the Chinese military movement. He said these exercises don’t seem “It’s a prelude to the surgery to come,” but they’re practicing.

China’s military moves near Taiwan come as some US military leaders raise concerns that China might choose to seize control of the island in the not too distant future.

The top admiral of the US Navy’s Indo-Pacific Command told a Senate committee last month that “Such threats have emerged in this decade,” argued another admiral, who was expected to be his successor, days later. “This problem is closer to us than we think.”

Last month, the Taiwan Defense Minister said: “China can launch an attack. But China’s consideration must be greater than winning the first fight. ”

“I always tell people around me to stop asking how many days we need to rest,” he said, according to Newsweek. [China] Want to fight? We’ll keep them friends for as long as they want to fight. ”

Although Taiwan is the first national interest for China. But it is believed that the country’s military activities in the area are sent to the United States as well.

The Global Times pointed out on Monday that the Liaoning aircraft carrier maneuver near Taiwan took place in “The moment when US warships and aircraft carriers made taunt, pointing at China”

The article raised concerns about Theodore Roosevelt’s presence in the South China Sea, as well as the movement of destroyer USS Mustin in the East China Sea.

The Chinese military expressed further frustration on Wednesday, arguing that the United States had hurt peace and stability in the region after a US Navy destroyer passed through the Taiwan Strait. China disputed the move, sending an inappropriate message to independent support forces in Taiwan.

The Navy said “Shipping through the Taiwan Strait by destroyers demonstrates the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” added the US military. “It will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits.”

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