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Taiwan’s leader hurts from recent defeat

TAIPEI-Taiwan and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen soared last year. Because the island can prevent coronavirus, expand its economy and gain support from Washington.

President Tsai now faces three defeats that threaten to undermine her popularity. Among the growing pressure from China is a dry drought. continuous power outage and the number of COVID-19 patients Taiwan’s worst soaring

Some of the tensions have eased in the past few days. It’s raining again, the vaccine has arrived. Still, the confluence of crises. It is creating a rare opportunity for the Kuomintang or nationalist opposition. which has struggled to find a way to return to relevance and facilitate closer ties with Beijing.

Ms. Tsai, who defeated the Kuomintang party last year to take second place. It has seen her popularity drop below 50% for the first time since she was re-elected in a single survey conducted by her former party member.

various crises has dented her image as a practical and talented technocrat. and complicates her efforts to preserve the delicate status quo with ever more steadfast Beijing. which never ruled the island of democracy but claiming to be part of China̵

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