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Tanya Snyder Named CEO of Washington Football Team

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The Washington football team announced the changes to the top of the company’s top ad unit on Tuesday. and associated with a new name for Tanya Snyder.

Snyder was named co-CEO of the team along with her husband Daniel Snyder. said to be part of “Commitment to being the standard bearer of diversity and inclusion in sport”

“This team is our family’s legacy,” Tanya Snyder said in a statement. “We are at an important point in the history of this team. As we work towards becoming the gold standard of NFL franchises, our co-CEO position reflects our approach to that endeavor. It’s a natural progression. But it’s important to be aware of the diversity of official opinions and views that inform everything we do officially. in my new role I will be positioned to ensure that the core values ​​at the heart of our charitable work are spread across the organization. and bring us closer to our goal.”

The move comes with teams looking for options for a new nickname and months after news of a $1.6 million sexual misconduct lawsuit was revealed amid an NFL investigation into allegations of misconduct in the United States. at work It also follows Daniel Snyder’s move to acquire the team’s minority owners and consolidate control of the organization in his hands.

Naming his wife as co-CEO continues the incorporation and points to a long-standing future for the team’s family ownership that could go on better than Snyder’s life had they. Follow a plan to pass it on to their children.

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