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Teenager in a coma after being crushed by a whale in a freak accident

An Australian teenager is in a coma. After being crushed by a whale during a family fishing trip, the report said.

7News reported the bizarre encounter took place on Sunday, an 18-year-old named Nick and his 39-year-old stepfather, Matt, fishing from their boat off the coast of Narooma in New South Wales, 7News reported.

Nick holding a fish

Nick holding a fish
(Carmen Bartley)

Nick Holding Fish

Nick Holding Fish
(Carmen Bartley)

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Reports say the impact left Nick with a broken neck and severe head injuries.

His stepfather was concussed and cut in the face. but tried to bring the damaged ship back to shore

Nick is in a coma at Canberra Hospital.

The couple “doing what they love” when the tragedy hit a GoFundMe page set up by family friends to help cover medical expenses.

“A strange accident changed their way of life forever. They had no warning and didn’t know there were whales nearby,” the page reads.

Nick's family boat

Nick’s family boat
(Carmen Bartley)


The family said they expected Nick to be in the hospital for a long time, according to a statement obtained by 7News.

“Nick is a strong young man. And he is fighting hard,” the family said.

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