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Teflon Joe cheats on GOP’s midterm strategy

In response, Republicans are preparing to break the time-honored tradition and elect fewer presidents as a key character in the midterm elections rather than as an accessory to the broader gluttony of the left.

“Biden is not a good bad guy,” said Ed Rogers, a veteran Republican lobbyist and strategist. To be a tragedy, this man’s apparent loss of empathy, I think that’s legitimate. Therefore, it is difficult to make him a demon. “

The original formula worked well for Republicans in 2010, when the GOP linked Democrats nationwide to spending to boost President Barack Obama’s spending on health care plans and The “arrogant” oversight and it worked for Democrats eight years later when they seized the new House by turning the midterms into denying President Donald Trump.

Now, however, Republicans are preparing to fight everything from “protecting the police” to socialism and abolishing the culture. They will be hit by Biden for gun control, spending and immigration. And if the economy is disrupted, they will hit him too. But the focus on Biden was less personal than it had been on Obama or Trump, Republican strategists and party officials said.

The guidelines are now in discussion with Republicans at all levels and have been seen in the GOP early ad set the full arc of the midterm campaign. It’s a risk Although Republicans seem to insist on taking the House back. But that expectation is grounded in historical trends, considering the opposition party’s ability to usurp the presidency in his first term.

But the GOP may have few options.

“because [Biden] So boring, he’s not a scandal, ”said John Thomas, a Republican strategist who has worked on House campaigns across the country.

Although Biden is “definitely relevant” as a powerful party leader, Thomas said, “There’s a bigger bogey … We don’t want him to be our No. 1 foil.”

Biden’s public approval rating is hardly at the top, being in the low 50 years, but unusually sticky as well, holding steady since the start of the semester. Plus, the lessons of last year’s elections were fresh in Republican minds. From the Democrats to the general election, they saw firsthand how difficult it was to drag Biden down, in an attempt to portray him as mentally inappropriate or corrupt, largely down. Even Trump has been blamed for Biden’s rejection and mocking his successor “Saintly Joe Biden”.

“Biden talked without fire and the lights went off,” said former Republican Representative Tom Davis, who is chair of the Republican National Congress Committee. He didn’t evoke the strong emotions Trump did. ”

As a result, Republicans did not highlight Biden, but instead attracted him with more polarized figures, such as Pelosi, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) And Progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.). It is likely to remain true, even if the Republican criticism is based on his explicit policies.

Earlier this year, Biden announced a $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, Minnesota Republican Representative Tom Emmer, who chaired the Republican National Congress Committee, said he did not “even have an idea of ​​what to do.” Blame Joe Biden for not knowing or not, ”instead of portraying the president as an activist of the“ socialist agenda. ”

“I didn’t think he put it all together,” Emmer said. “I think he was just a guy who went out and read it. Which comes from the far left “

A veteran Republican strategist said the GOP will take action in 2022 against “the Democratic Party as a whole”.

“It’s not about blaming one person,” said the strategist.

Downsizing in Biden’s size would have been a significant break in tradition. The president’s approval vote correlates closely in recent elections with how well his party has performed in the midterms. In the last midterm elections, Democrats tapped Republicans running for everything from the U.S. Senate to the school board competition to Trump, clinging to his unpopularity. To reorder the balance of power in Washington

In part, Biden’s lack of focus reflects the level of disarray among Republicans who remain obsessed with fighting within their own party following the November elections – most recently, Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming has left. position

“The main issue is Biden and Democrats against the two Republicans,” said Republican ad producer Fred Davis, with the GOP still mired in a clash between those who have been involved in the war. Loyal Trump and Conservative

Another prominent Republican strategist admits, “We are having a hard time focusing on Biden.”

“Between the city, the clown in Mar-a-Lago,” and the controversy surrounding Cheney and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), The strategist said, “We look like a gang that doesn’t shoot straight.”

The lack of engagement with the president was evident in the early commercials that already set a message that would define the 2022 campaign in Virginia, Republican Gubernatorial Glenn Youngkin nominee. Each other has shown the main ad that emphasizes. The “real socialist idea” of Democrats since “Protect the police” to “mock the police” and “cancel Dr. Seuss”, but do not mention Biden.

The Republican National Congress Committee is beating Democrats over the matter. In a series of advertisements targeting Democratic MPs from five states last month, referring to Pelosi and two other controversial Democrats, Maxine Waters of California and Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib said the Democratic candidate for Congress said that “They have lost their minds.”

“It’s not about after that. [Biden]”It was a matter of running out of his party performance,” said Shawn Steel, a Republican National Committee member from California. People need safety checks “

Even though Biden “gets along well, let’s have a beer,” says Steel. “Joe can’t control himself or a maniac” at his party.

For Democrats, Republicans’ inability to overthrow Biden is a rare bright spot in the rugged midterm landscape. Traditionally powerless parties in the president’s first midterm elections and Republicans were encouraged by observers to take the House back.

“The truth is that Democrats are competing with economic news like they have never had before, and partly, they have real plans,” said John Anzalone, Biden’s advisor and campaign surveyor. And part of it is Republican, even though it appears. They have nothing to give to Americans right now. “

It is likely that by 2022, Biden’s image will be corroded enough for Republicans to use him in the campaign. And Biden’s presence in the White House alone will be a factor in the House and Senate competition as Republicans ask voters to break up Democrats’ control in Washington by going down. Vote for Republicans to vote.

Still, despite the biden attacks on policy rather than personality – the Obama-era exit and Trump, Wisconsin-based Republican president Andrew Hitt said the influx of immigrants at the US-Mexico border and the threat It was difficult for the Biden management to process them – “most Americans haven’t returned home yet.” Between then, Biden’s massive spending offer, he said, “I think those things will return. Damage to him “

Brett Doster, a Florida Republican strategist who served as executive director of the state in the 2004 Bush-Cheney presidential campaign, said Biden was “on his honeymoon” in his presidency. But the cumulative amount of the border tax crisis. The lack of workers and any number of “leftist policies” can open up loopholes for him.

“Under the mantra of Bill Clinton that “The economy is stupid,” Doster said. “If the economy is bad by the end of the year, we won’t. have To find the problem “

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