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Telegraph co-owner Sir David Barclays has died at the age of 86.

British billionaire Sir David Barclay, who, along with his twin brother, have died of a business empire that included ownership of the Telegraph Media Group.He was 86.

The operator died suddenly on Sunday after a short period of illness, The Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Working with his identical twin Sir Frederick, who is 10 minutes younger than 10 minutes, David runs an empire that includes shipping, retail and media holdings.

The often-dressed sibling gained a reputation for avoiding publicity and scrutiny.

“Privacy is a valuable commodity,” David once said. “There is no incentive for us to talk about our business.”

In 2020, their wealth was estimated at $ 9 billion on The Sunday Times̵

7; Rich List, which is the UK’s ranking of wealthiest individuals and families.

They were knights side by side in the same purple tie in 2000 for their charity event, with David telling reporters at the time: “For us it was a great day, according to Forbes. Said

“It’s a great example of what can be done in this country from a background or education or humble beginnings,” he said.

Born in 1934 in London, the twins left school at the age of 14, with David often remarking that they were educated in “University of Life” as reported by the Telegraph

They worked as painters and decorators, and briefly owned a corner shop until financial difficulties.

In 1961, they were founded as a real estate agent and started buying and trading a number of properties, eventually purchasing their first major hotel in 1968.

Within this decade, they had bought at least 15 more hotels, but after the real estate crash in late 1973 and early 1974, they had turned to other sectors, including shipping and retail.

The brothers didn’t work with the media until 1992 when they bought the weekly newspaper The European, which was launched by media baron Robert Maxwell two years ago, closing in 1998.

After spell as owners of at least two other publications, Barclays bought what is now called the Telegraph Media Group in 2004, after months of intense auctions and lawsuits that earned them positions such as The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday. Telegraph and The Spectator.

David first married model Zoe Newton in 1955 when he was 20, and she was 19, and the couple had three sons, Idan Howard and Duncan, before divorcing in the 1980s.

The magnate also had another son, Alistair, from his second marriage to Reyna Oropesa in 1989.

He and his brother were recognized by Queen Elizabeth in 2000 for supporting children’s medical research and charity through a joint foundation.

More recently, Barclays has delegated more fortune management to David’s son Aidan and Howard.

Inseparable, the twins were in a brawl, with Frederick suing David’s son in February for “breaching confidence, misuse of personal information and infringing on their rights to protect. Information ”according to Forbes report.

He accused them of secretly recording him and his daughter Amanda as they talk business at the family-owned Ritz Hotel in London.

At the time of his death David, a nine-year-old grandfather, worked on the unreleased memoirs, according to the Telegraph.

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