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Tesla Model S Plaid beats cars built to win Pikes Peak – “Nobody expected us to be faster”

When Tesla introduced the new Plaid Model S earlier this month The whole world was filled with storms. Fuel your dreams of speed, racing and fun. In terms of the grand finale of Tesla’s work Another job was discussed the following week. The event is an annual race to the top of Pikes Peak, also known as “The Race to the Clouds.” The entire route meanders through 156 bends for 1,242 miles at the top of Pikes Peak.

This year, the route had to be shortened due to snow. But that doesn’t stop newcomers from attending and winning exhibition classes. The winner was the Tesla Plaid Model S, with Randy Pobst in the driver’s seat of a modified electric car. The time for the Plaid Model S to reach the finish line from the base of the mountain was 6:57.2.

Out of Spec Studios shared a video of Randy Pobst as he got out of the car at the top of Pikes Peak. “It was a good run,” Pobst said with a smile. “We ran well, great power, took everything Yokohama has to offer. Let’s just say we made a few changes to the swing bar for better balance. I’m really glad we did, the brakes are suppressed, the suspension is amazing.”

I spoke to the team at Unplugged Performance in a Twitter message and they shared their excitement with me.

“UP Tesla Model S Plaid surprised a lot of people today by posting crazy moments that often beat non-production-specific race cars. For the £4800 electric family sedan to beat the Pikes Peak race car built into open wheels and unlimited classes was an amazing result. 45 of the 55 cars were Plaid including the LMP3 race car.”

Photo by Unplugged Performance, used with permission.

“Nobody expected us to be faster than that.”

Not only was the Tesla Model S Plaid the winner, but Unplugged Performance also won in its class by a huge margin and beat some of the cars that were built to win. The following list shows the driver times, starting with Pobst.

  1. Randy Post; 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid, 6:57.220
  2. Nick Robinson; 2017 Acura NSX, 7:14.704
  3. Jordan guitar; 2021 Acura TLX, 7:53.615.
  4. Gregoire Blachon; 2021 VW Bug Proto TRI-TDI Diesel, 7:58.661
  5. Joshua Allan; 2021 Tesla Model 3, 8:16.778
  6. Johan Schwartz; 2021 American X Kart CrossKart, 8:29.589
  7. Shawn Bassett; 1974 Datsun 240Z, 9:19.475
  8. Daijiro Yoshihara; 2018 Tesla Model 3;11:41.162.

Photo by Unplugged Performance, used with permission.

The other two Teslas in the race may not do as well as the Model S Plaid, but all three are great representations that EVs are great performance vehicles.

Also, keep in mind that last year Blake Fuller, two-time Pikes Peak winner, set a new electric car record in Tesla Model 3 Performance and Randy Pobst just 2 seconds behind him:

Not only will this 2021 win for the team to win Unplugged Performance and Randy Pobst, but also another victory for Tesla, electric cars, and those of us who support clean energy, Maye Musk always said “clean energy will win” and today at Pikes Peak. All-electric zero-emission Tesla wins in exhibition class

This is also the first time the Tesla Plaid Model S has officially entered the race. This is undoubtedly the first time in many cases.

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