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Tesla owner sues Tesla for claiming to be a supercharger

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A Tesla owner sued the company for what he falsely claimed: He was promised to charge his EV for free at Superchargers for life, but he was charged with leaving the car at the station for too long. Bloomberg report

Free charging is one of Tesla’s biggest and most attractive promises when it comes to electric car adoption. It’s a great way to encourage people to try all of their EVs, as they not only avoid the cost of gas But can also avoid charging.

There is only one problem. If you don’t come back to Tesla soon After charging is complete you will be charged “Supercharger fees,” said Tesla owner Kevin Shenkman, who was displeased. Here’s a bit more from the story:

“to compromise When a customer, such as the plaintiff, who has been promised Supercharging Free for life, refuse to pay ‘fee Supercharger’ said Tesla cut off access. Supercharging All of which disables a feature that customers pay thousands of dollars more to get. Schenkman said.

Tesla began charging for use of its supercharger network in 2017, but those who bought cars from 2012 to 2016 were exempt.

Shenkman needs compensation. not just for himself But for every Tesla owner charged with predatory acts. The suit also asks Tesla to stop charging all superchargers.

Tesla did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment.

interesting is The case comes in the California state court in the Alameda County. which has jurisdiction over Tesla’s Fremont factory If you are familiar with that name That’s because Tesla sued Alameda County in May 2020, claiming the state was lifting social distancing measures. But it won’t allow Tesla to resume car production.

The details of the case are very few at the moment. But it’s interesting to see what the outcome will be in the legal system.

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