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Tesla protesters were dragged from the Shanghai Auto Show.

While many automakers are busy announcing concept And is going to happen car In this year Shanghai Auto ShowTesla has other things to line up at the car show booth. Protesters there climbed to the top of the Tesla Model 3 and began shouting that the brakes were faulty on a Tesla from Bloomberg. report.

The woman wore a T-shirt with the Tesla logo that reads “Brake Lose Control”

; and yelled the same sentence repeatedly before the booth guards continued her detention. Bloomberg: A.

This woman was identified as a n. MP Zhang, according to a statement by Tesla cited by Wall Street JournalZhang is involved in previous protests, in which she claimed that his father’s third season brake failed and led to the extinction of her family in an accident earlier this year. WSJ: A.

Tesla said in a statement on Weibo that the protester was a Tesla customer from Henan Province, whose father was involved in a February accident in which his Model 3 crashed into another car.

The woman demanded a full refund, citing the car’s technical problems causing a crash, according to Tesla.However, the company said the woman’s father crashed due to excessive speed, the company said it had contacted. With this woman already and willing to help her find a solution.

Tesla appears to have used a compromised tone about the woman’s situation, claiming to have tried to negotiate with the woman and come to a satisfactory conclusion in the aftermath of the accident.

One Tesla chief executive and vice president, Grace Tao, went on to say that she was confident many customer complaints were misleading. may It’s not the best word in this situation. Basically, Tao’s words from WSJ Is to respond with a wave of hands and “User error” for issues that are far from harmless errors. But it’s annoying that tech users have to face it.

When a product crash can endanger people’s lives, the tension flames and you get the same situation as this protest. So it doesn’t seem like an exchange between Tesla and Ms Zhang goes well for either party, and this isn’t the first time Ms. Zhang has been involved in a protest. BloombergThe latest protests did not end well, with security members suppressing the protesters.

Tesla places great emphasis on booth security after the controversy. But at that point, it seemed that the woman was causing public chaos, which began a wave on social media and gained the attention and solidarity of other Tesla owners in their own grievances.

Illustration for the article The protester name was dragged from the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Photograph: A. Getty (Getty Images)

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