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Tesla’s autopilot system is ‘easy’ to trick it into running without anyone at the wheel

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Consumer Reports Thursday Its researchers “easily” trick Tesla’s autopilot into driving a car without anyone at the wheel. A worrying demonstration of the publication took place as an officer. Continue to investigate Fatal accident in Texas It involves Tesla, whose authorities believed there was no one in the driver’s seat at the time.

Using the Tesla Model Y, Consumer Reports engineers were able to “drive” around in a closed test track while sitting in the front and rear passenger seats. To fool a car’s driver assistance system, they attach a weighted chain to the steering wheel to simulate the driver’s hand pressure and use the steering speed. Spin to accelerate From the full stop, for example As long as they close the driver’s door and the driver’s seat belt (So that the system does not disengage Automatically), Vehicle Still drove up and down the track for half a mile. And follow the painted lanes between No one seems to be smarter than this experiment..

“It was a little frightening when we realized how easy it was to overcome the defense, which we clearly proved inadequate,” said Jake Fisher, the publication’s senior director of vehicle testing, who conducted the experiment in the Command.

“In our assessment, the system not only But failed to verify that the driver paid attention. But I still can’t tell if the driver is there, ”he continues.Tesla is following other automakers such as GM and Ford, where models with advanced driver assistance systems use technology to make sure drivers are looking down on the road. ”

Don’t try any Although this at home, Fisher warned, emphasized. At tHe’s Consumer Reports team conducted the test. In a relatively closed course Low speed With safety team in standby mode

“Let me be clear: Anyone who uses Autopilot on the road with no one in the driver’s seat is putting themselves and others in danger,” he said.

It was reported that the vehicle involved in a fatal accident was reported on Saturday. The Tesla Model S, a variant of the Consumer Reports used in An experiment, however. Both use the same Autopilot system, record publications.

In Tesla’s Support page As for the system, the company revealed that its cars were not completely autonomous. Warn that even though Their name The Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features require “active driver supervision”.

But those warnings didn’t stop Tesla drivers from controlling their cars. Autopilot System while sleeping, changing seats, or taking your eyes off the road In 2018, California police pull a A drunk Tesla Model S driver who fell asleep while his car speed Go together at 70 mph (112 kilometers per hour). A similar incident took place in Canada. Last SeptemberTesla Model S owner charged with danger Driving after he found him asleep at the wheel. While traveling that 93 mph (150 km Per hour) down the expressway

and Saturday’s mistake was not an isolated incident.America’s National Automobile Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety controller, It is reported to be open at least 14 investigations In Tesla crashed the car I suspect that autopilot is being used this week. NHTSA announce They also sent a team to investigate the crash in Texas.

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