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Tesla’s on-board camera helps police arrest suspect in car shooting

TeslaCam, Tesla’s built-in dashcam system that uses Autopilot cameras, has helped police make arrests in a strange case that has scare the streets of Southern California for weeks.

in the last few weeks Police in Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties More than 100 reports have been received about vehicles shot down by BBS or bullets on freeways.

Attacks appear randomly and usually involve shooting at the windows of moving vehicles. which was clearly extremely dangerous.

The investigation has been ongoing for several weeks. But it didn’t happen until the attackers chased after a Tesla car last week. where the police can find the suspect

ABC7 reports that Jesse Leal Rodriguez, a 34-year-old Anaheim man, was arrested after his car was filmed at the scene by Tesla̵

7;s built-in dashcam system:

“Rodriguez was taken into custody on Tuesday after a Tesla driver reported that his window had been shot near the intersection of Hamner Avenue and Hidden Valley Parkway in norco Due to the high-tech nature of Tesla Authorities say the in-car camera has recorded video of the suspect vehicle, the red SUV.”

All Tesla vehicles have eight cameras as standard for vehicles as part of the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving suite of driver assistance features.

A few years ago, Tesla decided to use this camera to launch dashcam (TeslaCam) and surveillance applications (Sentry Mode).

Tesla’s Sentry Mode and TeslaCam have helped police in multiple arrests. especially in case of theft and vandalism. In the past few years since the feature was released,

Now, it helps gather evidence against Rodriguez in shooting the Tesla car.

Rodriguez was charged with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of assault, which resulted in serious injuries in a Tesla attack. which has 3 passengers

The extent of the passenger’s injury is unknown.

Police do not know whether Rodriguez is responsible for all the reported car shootings in the region in the past few weeks. But the attack has stopped since he was arrested last week.

They are asking the victim to contact the police to create a case.

If convicted of the allegations he has already faced Rodriguez could face up to 57 years in prison.

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