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Tess Holliday Reveals She Is ‘Anorexic and In Recovery’

This week, Tess Holliday said she was recovering from anorexia. The model and activist posted the revelation on Twitter and Instagram, apparently in response to her latest weight loss comments. Comments like these can be very stimulating for anyone recovering from an eating disorder (ED), she explains.

“I was fed up and in recovery. I am no longer ashamed to speak out loud, ”Holiday tweeted on May 1.“ I am a product of a culture that celebrates leanness and is considered worthwhile. But I have to write my own lecture now. I was finally able to take care of the body that I had to punish my whole life with and I was finally free. “

Holliday, who has been calling attention to obesity, weight discrimination and her health concerns for years, explains this in an Instagram post on May 2. People say ̵

6;You looked healthy recently,’ or ‘You’re losing weight, keep doing it!’ Stop, ‘she wrote. “Don’t comment on my weight or my perception of health. Heal yourself. Thank you.”

Her weight changed as she practiced a regular eating pattern to help her recover from the restrictive diet that is characterized by anorexia, she explains, “Yes, I lost weight – I’m healing from an eating disorder. And feeding the body regularly for the first time in my life ”

This model is intended for followers of why combined weight and health are so dangerous: It promotes the ideal culture of lean people, phobias, and diet. “When you compare weight loss with ‘health’ and Value and value someone’s size.Essentially, you’re saying we’re more valuable now, because we’re smaller and our expanding dining culture … and it’s repetitive as hell. Is not here for it “

In fact, research tells us what is the relationship between body weight and health. very It is more layered and complex than our understanding of the popular SELF reports earlier. The idea that someone is automatically healthy because they are thin or unhealthy because fat is both weight loss and very misinformation from the stigma of weight in medicine and diet.

Holliday also explains why focusing on someone’s appearance, as well as making comments or compliments about weight loss, is a specific cause for individuals to recover from ED. Our relationship with our body and heal ourselves, listening to opinions about our weight can feel like hell. It brings us back to progress, ”wrote Holliday.

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