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Texas Republicans Ready to Pass Strict SB7 Voting Law ‘Shameful’ | Texas

Republicans in the Texas Senate have adopted one of the toughest ballot measures in the United States. It reached the peak of the law last Sunday. After accelerating the draft law in the middle of the night

The Senate bill, Bill 7, or SB7, was passed to the party at about 6 a.m. after eight hours of questioning by Democrats with virtually no stopping. The bill still needs to clear a final vote in the Texas House on Sunday. to reach Governor Greg Abbott, who is expected to sign the bill.

“I am deeply concerned about a bill that was built in the shadows and passed late at night,” said Democratic state senator Beverly Powell.

in closed-door negotiations Republicans have added language that could make it easier for judges to overturn the election. and pushed to start voting on Sunday. As more black churchgoers attend elections, the 67-page measure will eliminate drive-through voting and 24-hour polling centers, both of which Harris̵

7;s Democratic stronghold is open. last year

Critics say the measure suppresses a minority of voters who are likely to vote democratic. On Sunday morning, New York’s Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic leader in the US House of Representatives, called SB7 a “disgrace.”

“Texas laws are a shame,” he told CNN. “Clearly Republicans in Texas and across the country want to make elections harder and easier to steal. That is the only way I can interpret the voter suppression outbreak we are seeing from Georgia, Arizona, Texas and across the country.”

US House Republican Senator Michael McCaul told CNN he thinks the law in his hometown of Texas. “Maybe it’s more of an optics problem. which restored confidence with the American people In my state you really believe there is a big fraud.”

NO: Texas has only one pending case of potential voter fraud in the 2020 elections. However, it is the last major battleground in the Republican effort to tighten voting laws driven by Donald’s lies Trump, saying the presidential election was stolen, Joe Biden on Saturday compared the Texas bill to changing elections in Georgia and Arizona as a “stealing blow”. “Attack on democracy”

The vote in the Texas Senate took place for a short time. After the final bill was made public around midnight, Republicans suspended a rule that would normally ban votes on unposted bills for 24 hours. Democrats protested against protocol violations.

The bill would increase the powers of partisan election viewers by allowing more access inside polling places. and threatening criminal sanctions against officials that restricted their movement. Republicans offered to give poll viewers the right to photograph. But that language was removed from the final bill.

Other provisions could make it easier to overthrow an election. This allows the judge to invalidate the result if the number of fraudulent votes can alter the outcome. Regardless of whether it has been proven that fraud affects the outcome or not.

Electoral officials also face penalties, including criminal charges of mailing ballot applications to those who did not request it. The Texas District and County Prosecutors’ Association tweeted that it had counted the new crimes. expand or increase the number of at least 16 cases

Republicans also moved to ban the ballot on Sunday before 1 p.m., in what critics called an attack. The “electoral spirit,” a voting campaign used by black rallies across the country. Dating back to the civil rights movement, Nicole Collier, a Democratic state representative. Texas Legislature Chairman Blackcaucus said the changes would “liberate, disqualify those who exercise their spirits on occasion”.

Republican Brian Hughes said why Sunday’s vote couldn’t be done sooner: “Election officials also want to go to church.”

Coal was one of three Democrats elected to negotiate the final bill. without anyone signing the bill She said she saw the draft at around 11 p.m. on Friday, unlike previously received. and was asked to sign the next morning.

Major corporations have warned that the measure could harm Texas’ democracy and economy. Republicans shrugged off that objection. Since Trump’s defeat, at least 14 states have enacted tougher voting laws, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Nearly 400 bills filed this year across the country have been counted.

Chuck Schumer of New York Democratic Majority Leader in the US Senate It said he would bring the For the People Act, a federal measure to protect voting rights, to the ground next month. It is less likely to defeat the opposition, which enlists the 60 votes needed to defeat resistance from the Republican minority.

Jeffries told CNN that “The basis of our democracy is … Americans must work for a democracy that reflects the voice of all Americans. Not just any group Not just conservatives Not just Republicans Not just people in certain parts of the country.

“So I support efforts to move HR1. [the For the People Act]which will bring democratic reforms to life in a meaningful way We’ll have to see what happens in the Senate. In terms of whether they will get 60 votes, the Senate will have some decisions to make in terms of reviewing their clandestine processes. which was originally used to preserve institutions such as slavery and Jim Crow.”

With Center Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Sinema of Arizona opposing, opposition reforms seem clearly improbable.

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