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Texas special election was too close to call, but GOP was close to winning blockades.

The situation would quickly put an end to Democrats’ hopes of challenging the rapidly spreading 6th Congressional District outside Fort Worth.Democrats felt an opportunity in the district. It is one of many countries across the country where support for former President Donald Trump has dropped significantly between 2016 and 2020.

Trump dominated the district just three points in 2020 after winning 12 four years ago. The late GOP representative Ron Wright won the race by nine points last year.

But there are a number of credible Democrats in the race, including Sanchez nonprofit leader Shawn Lassiter and 2020 State House candidate Lydia Bean. Another lawyer, Tammy Allison, raised less than $ 50,000 for the competition in mid-April, less than any other candidate.

And in an interview last month, Sanchez warned about a potential shutdown, saying it would discourage future Democrats in 2021


“There is nothing more ominous for the Democrats than having such a win-win district with two Republicans in the runoff,” Sanchez said, warning of a shattered vote. It is a very shameful and disgraceful matter. “

Republican candidates earned 62 percent of the total vote in the party’s total competition, while Democratic candidates earned 37 percent.

The low and falling results from recent election results suggest that boosting their base will not be easy for Democrats in post-Trump elections in particular. That compares with Trump’s high-performing box office special elections over the past year. From Democrats across the country and seeing too much performance in the dark red zone.

Democrats are now in control of the White House and Congress on both sides, the Texas special election was relatively quiet.

Susan Wright received a last-minute endorsement from Trump this week, adding to close competition as Elsey represents part of the district in the state legislature, Club for Growth dominates. Than in the race so far, and it is likely to be heavily involved in the next stage, whether or not the race becomes a Republican-to-Republican event.

The club have released an attack that portrayed Ellzey as an anti-Trump anti-Republican, mainly because he received donations from Bill Kristol, a conservative commentator and Trump critic.

The club then endorsed Wright and Trump-eared group chairman David McIntosh, pressure him to do the same. Trump gave her a last-minute endorsement last Monday, supporting Wright, and taping her remote town hall incident that week.

Other notable candidates for the competition are back in the ranks, including professional wrestler Dan Rodimer, who is running for Congress in Nevada in 2020, former Trump official Sery Kim, who lost his endorsement. After making disparaging comments about Chinese immigrants And Michael Wood, an anti-Trump Republican, with the support of Rep. Adam Kinsinger (R-Ill.) 3 percent while Kim has 1 percent.

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