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Thank you Benedict for praying for the church.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has publicly expressed his gratitude to Benedict XVI, who retired from the papacy in 1560, shocking the Roman Catholic Church and the world.

When it comes to tourists and Romans in St. Peter’s Square Francis called applause when he remembered the 70th anniversary of Benedict’s ordination as a priest in his native Germany.

Joseph Ratzinger later became a powerful Vatican official as the guardian of the original church doctrine, and then in 2005 Ratzinger was elected by the Pope Cardinal and named Bene. 1

6th Dict. He announced in February 2013 that he had decided to retire two weeks later. who was the first bishop to resign in 600 years

Benedict, now 94 and frail, is devoting the rest of his time to prayer in a monastery in Vatican City. Francis said: “Dear Mr. Benedict, dear father and brother. Your respect, our gratitude, and our closeness.”

Francis noted in his speech that Benedict “live in a monastery A place that aspires to host a contemplative community here in the Vatican. so that they may pray for the church.”

“Currently you are the Vatican’s meditators. who spent his life praying for the church and diocese of Rome. which he is an honorary bishop,” Francis said.

“Thank you Benedict. dear father and brother Thank you for the credible testimony,” Francis added.

He finished with another expression of gratitude, saying: “Thank you for staring into the horizon of God. Thank you.”

Some Church observers expressed discomfort with the reality of the retired and current popes living at the Vatican. Others criticized the decision to retire on their own.

Francis, 84, occasionally visits Benedict at the monastery. The current pope also stated that Like Benedict He felt that he no longer had enough strength to carry out the Pope’s mission at the church. He might consider resigning himself.

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