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Thanks to Nick Saban and Alabama for extending the playoffs.

College football’s playoff system needs to be fixed. That’s the most obvious thing in the sport.

The four-team College Football Playoff is the largest tournament in any Con College game. It has everything but a Football Bowl subsection, and expansion can’t wait any longer. Again, this is clear.

not so clear Why did you start moving like that now? Why Thursday? Alabama coach Nick Saban, who renewed his three-year contract, might have a smart answer if we thrust a truth serum into his ageless vein.

Alabama announced that Saban might not suspend coaching on Monday. Three days later, the College Football Playoff Group decided it was time to start conversations about expanding their exclusive party from four to 1

2. Suddenly, after claiming that the expansion was years away, If it had ever happened, now the CFP says the expansion could happen immediately in 2023.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Only Saban and the others trying to discern his relevance in this world that he possesses.

The power imbalance in college football has never been more apparent than last season. There’s only Alabama in 2020 and the team everyone knows Alabama is about to smash into pea soup. That’s a lot of fun for Alabama. But it’s definitely not healthy. Maybe now with the playoffs extended and players can transfer for free. The balance will return to the Big Ten game, and the Pac-12 can only hope.

Good people: Nick Saban renews his contract, shows his heart is in Alabama.

before last season The power imbalance in college football is running in the wrong direction. Yes, the sport needs to change. Saban may have just started on his new contract. because this is what His domination of college football was complete and thorough, at which point he had completely hijacked all recruiting equipment. This game is his And Alabama is like Standard Oil, US Steel or Amazon today.

Saban has a “best team” in 2020 and his highest ranked recruiting class follows. The man was infected with COVID-19. And he’s calling in recruits during his quarantine. How can Dabo and Kirby compete honestly with that?

Nothing can stop Saban, not even ‘Rona, or even his 70th birthday, so the CFP may change the rules as well and see if it eventually works.

It’s a working theory.

That’s not to say that Saban’s extension was the reason CFP eventually split from Power 5’s exclusivity, but it’s understood that Super Teams’ age in college football is the result of a playoff four format. team All the best players only want to play for Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia and Oklahoma. Where’s the fun?

Right now there’s only one Super Team, Saban’s Alabama Notre Dame, can’t have it.

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About a month ago, I asked SEC Director Greg Sankey in the same form of question I asked Sankey throughout this time of year, when will the CFP expand? Don’t need more than four teams?

“Four events,” Sankey said as usual at the Regions Tradition golf tournament.

We’ve been playing this game since 2015 for both me and Sankey, and even then I wrote that four games didn’t work and four were fraudulent. At first, the eight-team playoffs seemed like the answer. But then it became apparent that a larger playoff pitch was the only thing that could hopefully fix what the coveted Power 5 conference had done to the game.

The CFP working group, including Sankey, decided on Thursday that a future 12-team semi-final should be conducted. but is happening Voting for the expansion could take place as early as June 22. The College Football Playoff Board will consider the Chicago Board’s recommendations next week.

The suggested model will position the six highest-ranked conference champions on the playoff field. as well as six other large auctions. It was like the breath of hope needed for this sport.

Twelve works at the moment, but 16 teams are better for game parity.

There were concerns about the playoffs being properly diluted, and that might be the case at the start. But expansion is the best news for the long-term future of college football. Here’s an example of that logic if the semi-finals expand next season, Coastal Carolina, the upstart couple in 2020, can win the Sun Belt and advance to the playoffs. If the chants are among the six highest-ranked conference championships in the country.

Now it’s a revolution And that kind of underdog is what the College Football Playoff lacks.

The pandemic didn’t teach us anything about the fraudulent College Football Playoff that we didn’t even know about. But it has revealed something more — a good old-school kid’s club designed for fat and obese people. rich on top (And it appears to prevent them from getting pregnant during an unexpected, masked financial collapse.)

Others in college football will try to give credit today. But we all know who actually made it happen when UAB created the College Football Playoff just thanks to Nick Saban.

Joseph Goodman is a columnist. For Alabama Media Group he plays twitter @JoeGoodmanJr.

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