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‘That’s 85 years and a lot of football experience to be on the pitch.’

Sunday night might be the last time Drew Brees and Tom Brady shared a field, so it’s fair that the two will have a little fun during their preparations for their highly anticipated group stage game.

Earlier this week, Breeze kept his focus on the game, calling the Saints-Buccaneer semi-final match hours later Brady took a lighter approach and delivered a meme for everyone. Ages on Twitter, portraying the all-time great as the old man (er) who pretends to fight in The History Channel.

Brees offered Brady̵

7;s joke on Wednesday.

“They made me look like my dad from Family Ties. I didn’t like the hair to be honest … I would have liked the hair on top more,” Brees said after calling the meme “hilarious” to New Orleans supporters. S

A precise comparison with the dads of the popular sitcoms aside from that, it’s all going to be all business Sunday with an on-line NFC championship trip, but as the rest of the world still compares Hall of Famers in Futures and portray them as rivals, Brees says the two have just communicated.

“Tom and I have friendship and mutual respect. We texted back and forth on Monday, chuckling all these situations,” said Breeze, whose birthday is January 15th. “Listen, he’s 43, I’m 42 on Friday. So that’s 85 years and a lot of football experience to be on this Sunday. ”

Although this season presents its share of obstacles, Quadragenarians The two continued to play at an elite level as evidenced by their position.

Brees’ comments are a subtle reminder for the world that we should all spend less time arguing and perhaps spending a bit more time moderating games likely to end on the NFL Throwback YouTube channel first. Not long

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