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That’s not a Javy Trolling Garrett attack, Ortega’s Blast, a bunch of injuries and other bullets.

I was too absurdly annoyed about Cubs’ goalless streak at the end of yesterday’s ordination – I thought it wasn’t over until I realized how much I needed them to break Division era records. (They are within five chances, man… ). To be cool, sigh. At least the new streak has reached 3.2 innings.

• Zach Davies finished with a 1.72 ERA this month, more than six times. Your obvious warning is that he only does five innings per start. There was some luck mixed in. And his April is so bad that you haven’t “buy” yet, but the results – for the soft operator/controller/contact – are very good and very bad. Davies likeEven by FIP (whose ERA his ERA tends to beat quite a lot), he was the average pitcher in the league in May. No one would confuse him with the guy the Cubs sent out in a deal that brought Davies and his prospects back. But he has been accepted for quite some time.

• Fortunately this didn̵

7;t end well because Amir Garrett lost it from there. But this is called a swing attack on Rafael Ortega, and it doesn’t have the ability to monitor:

• Bad. This is clearly a ludicrously wrong call. It should load the base with no one in the 6th inning of a tie game. And the fact that it can’t be checked is also a blind spot. Fortunately, as I said, Garrett fell apart and was applauded by Javy Báez, for whom he had a lot of meat:

• Ortega got some time later. Hit his first homer with the Cubs:

• Good words from David Ross after yesterday’s victory. (and David Bote’s injury) via Tribune: “If you have two groups of equal ability Teams that care more will find ways to beat other teams,” Ross said. “That’s just my opinion. I have no scientific evidence to (prove) other than my experience.”

• And more from Ross on Cubs.com about the spreading injury: “I’ve never dealt with this kind of thing,” Ross said. “You feel bad for the players. It’s one of those things. I think it’s part of the season. But I’m thankful for the men who are coming. play hard And being successful … that’s a sign of being well organized. when you can find a man pull them out of the minors and they came up just right have a good bat It is a testament to their professionalism and hard work.”

• As for who will replace Bote today, it depends on the perspective of 40 people. If Bote is admitted to IL for 60 days immediately, it could be someone like Sergio Alcantara who sat in Iowa last night. If it were him, I hope. He can shoot. soon At second base, if the Cubs wanted to buy themselves 60 days of IL decision-making time/not anyone at the DFA, they might have called another assistant who was already in 40 men. It’s packed, but like, please, and maybe call someone up.

• Do you know how good you have to be to be the hottest deliverer as evident in the This Cubs parable right now? This is so damn good:

• Think of this genre:

• As such, Wilson creates lasting memories for the children. and his family And make the rest of us smile:

• Watch this shot from the end of the game. I really missed seeing and hearing this crowd at Wrigley Field:

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