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The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Has Some Amazing Tricks To Improve Handling

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always been a family-owned double-row SUV since the early 90s. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee L has arrived. And it’s not only the first Grand Cherokee model with a 3rd row at the back. But it has also been completely renovated. It remains one-piece and still wears an aluminum hood. But there are a lot of different things to do with the latest iteration of this American icon.

Behind the fascia and comfort lies a myriad of engineering tweaks that allow it to climb steep rocks or into waterways. One key piece of the puzzle is the all-new multi-link front and rear suspension with virtual orb joints.

I recently put my all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L to the test at the Brands̵

7; Chelsea Test Ground near Detroit, Michigan. This purpose-built course was challenging. enough to impress And the front-facing camera makes a big difference when you reach the top of the mountain and the SUV’s nose is pointed up into the sky. It’s a combination you won’t find in a Wrangler or Gladiator.

Chief Engineer Tom Seel told a media group at the launch that there was little pressure to restructure the icon. and they want “Honor the seven bays” Jeep Grand Cherokee L has been completely rebuilt on the new WL chassis to replace the outgoing WK2; The WL is 15.1 inches longer and sits on a wheelbase that has an additional seven inches to accommodate three rows. The whole project is not a minor challenge, including engineering updates.

For the first time in a Grand Cherokee, the front axle is directly attached to the engine to reduce weight and improve the car’s dynamics. The new multi-link suspension at the front and rear has been enhanced with mission-specific ball joints. The chief engineer of the Jeep Cherokee L Fil Grado said it didn’t take much to think.

Ball joints play a key role in the Grand Cherokee L’s steering and suspension, connecting the steering knuckles to the short and long control arms. Each link focuses on management or convenience. without the need to share conflicting terms Separation of controls and Comfort Link functions improves overall isolation and steering efficiency. Even if you are not mechanically inclined. But to see a prom job that is not as bad as the one we’ve heard in Australia. (Which is covered with wire and zip straps), you will understand how important this component is for a safe and comfortable ride.

With the new installation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L, the ball joint has been moved to a virtual spot. In the past, the pivot point was inside the car between the wheels. Placing the virtual ball off the wheels gives the car more lateral stability.

Grado said, “Moving the virtual ball more out of the car. The car will be less sensitive to different driver inputs and road vibrations. It also improves stability and middle steering performance.”

After spending time with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L on and off the road. Having said that, the edges of this car are now smoother, among the most popular three-row SUVs. This update represents the seven channels quite well.

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