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The 49ers are worried the Lions will take on Michigan CB Ambry Thomas.

In the end, the Detroit Lions ended up playing the back corner they wanted.

But for a moment, in Round Three and Day 2 of 2021 NFL Draft was close, their selection kept the team on board after they sweat.

The San Francisco 49ers have put in a lot of time and effort getting to know Ambry Thomas from Michigan cornerback, they are in the market for a hawk-ball defense, someone who can come in and take the playtime and feel Thomas is well suited. That mold

“Ambri was really the guy who got steam from this process with us,”

; 49ers general manager John Lynch told reporters late Friday after Thomas drafted with the 39th pick of the third round. Pick the number 102 overall.The move is part of a run on the corner, with four players in the draft position in a consecutive selection.

In fact, they have had several conversations over the course of four months. 49ers officials ordered a deputy coach to call Thomas a few weeks ago.

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“We’ve been talking for a while and really just know each other,” says Thomas, “and I feel each other.”

What the 49ers found are smart and thoughtful players. They knew he had opted out of the 2020 season, but it wasn’t against him – John’s son Jake played football at Stanford rather than choosing a cause. Thomas left the most prolific season in college in 2019 when he took home the Big Ten honors third team while performing on defense and special teams.

“One of the things we try to do is to be fair to these people,” Lynch said. ‘Hey, he chose not to attend.’ Some went as far as (to say) saying ‘he doesn’t love football if he chooses not to join’.

“No, I’m the father of a kid who played on the college football team this year. The plan soared in the air. I don’t blame these children for choosing not to participate. “

With Thomas not playing an NFL team interested, his 2019 movie must be watched – when he scored 38 tackles in the corner, three lost and a serious harasser in the defensive backfield. Three interception Deviation of seven turns Recovery, groping twice A year earlier, Thomas returned to the touchdown.

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Lynch has also been in touch with Central Michigan defensive back coach Mike Sordich, who coached Thomas for three seasons at Michigan, and Zordich Lynch said there was nothing good to say about him.

“He thinks his world,” Lynch said. “He’s a 4.3-second high-level man. I think his greatest asset (is) his sobriety in the moment of truth. When the ball is in the air, he has search capabilities – which is not as easy to find as a DB.

“As they say ‘There’s a reason they play defensive,’ Ambry has great balance skills when the ball is in the air.

Which brings us back to the Lions and picks the number 101 one ahead of the 49ers.There’s a growing sense of what the San Francisco war room needs – hey Detroit ends up with Ifeatu Melifonwu corner C. The lacrosse and the local connection where the lions will hover in and take on Thomas.

“He’s a Michigan kid. From Detroit, ”Lynch said,“ We ​​were worried – Detroit had options in front and we started to worry there that they might have taken him. But they went to another corner and we were very happy to have him.

“We think he gets along well with us. We are in a great rush to be able to get him. “

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