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The 49ers traded to pick number 88 for RB Trey Sermon.

Kyle Shanahan, in exchange for running back, the 49ers moved up to get number 88 by trading, picking number 117 and number 121 to the Rams, so they kept getting No. 102 here soon.

The qualifier was Ohio State running back Trey Sermon in his last three games as Buckeye Sermon ran for 112, 331 and 193 yards.He held the average double-digit number in each game.

I have been a huge fan of Sermon since he was in Oklahoma. But the injury slowed him down. Here’s what Sports Info Solutions’ newbie guidebook has to say about Sermon.They rank him as their 11th best runner in the draft:

The combination of the balance of contact and the power of the sermon will enable him to become a contributor to the running game. But his lack of comprehension and top speed prevent him from being the next level consistent beginner.

Strengths: balance of contact; power; Stickiness

Weakness: Difficulty understanding; Play speed; Capture skills

The sermon is not as good a pass catcher as he is a runner. But he can take his role in the passing game to the next level. He’s a better transmission defender than the receiver, tough enough to wear pocket rushers and show the glimmer of a weaker finish to the ground. The sermon is not a true differentiator from the backyard. But he has enough hands and can be a reliable check-down option.

The Niners need a run back that can be intercepted. If that is a sermon, he is very precious here. Shahan would have to see him as a future runner if he traded into the third round to choose a sermon.

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