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The ’60 Minutes’ story makes Ron DeSantis the top runner of 2024: Joe Concha.

A 60-minute report on Florida’s Republican government, Ron DeSantis, has prompted public officials’ 2024 presidential candidate Joe Concha, Fox News contributor to “America Reports” on Thursday.

CBS Releases New On-Demand Backup Report if it fails to protect Negative ‘PAY-FOR-PLAY’

JOE CONCHA: John is so interesting that they say that’s why CBS and Walgreen were not included when Ron DeSantis discussed it so meticulously why they managed the facility in their case. he Ron DeSantis and Florida officials then turned to other drug companies, such as Publix, which are as common and ubiquitous as Florida̵

7;s palm trees to provide the rest of the senior population. That’s why you would include a full DeSantis comment instead of an exception.

But look, the most important thing is what a lot of people get with this piece, is the pay-to-play plan between Publix and Ron DeSantis? Now, some investigators are weighing in. John Poynter claims, ‘There’s really no place there. In any case, it didn’t appear that DeSantis did anything wrong, if so, the 60 Minutes failed to provide enough information, context, or evidence that he did.PolitiFact also weighed in, they concluded that CBS could be guilty of deceptive editing. Throw in the fact that Democrats in the state, and once again, John, you cover up the news every day. Have we ever seen a more polarizing moment in this country to see Democrats jump across the aisle to protect Ron DeSantis, who could be the 47th President of the United States if he were to be nominated? To be Republican in 2024, protect him at this point.

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