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The ANOM encrypted messaging app is used by organized crime and created by the FBI.

day of wireThe band’s Avon Barksdale and his crew are long gone. Because nowadays it is clear that even organized crime can’t help sending messages and sharing photos. and, as you might expect, will lead to their downfall. Criminals should not send messages. It comes from the Justice Department, which opened court documents Monday detailing a three-year operation known as the Trojan Shield, in which the FBI was able to create a network of encrypted messages and market it to organized crime to communicate freely outside of enforcement. Legislation The attractiveness of expensive private communication systems is too good to be overlooked and turns out to be too good to be true for drug dealers, gun runners, killers and hundreds of other criminal users who are addicted to it. Live with what has become an international stinger. Law Enforcement Partners

The operation of the Trojan Shield allows law enforcement agencies to intercept more than 20 million messages from criminal organizations in networks that they trust so often that they communicate honestly. without using an encoded language and send photographs of the attack Access to the messages eventually led to the arrests of at least 800 suspects from more than 12 countries, a scheme that the European police agency Europol describes as “a shambles”. “One of the largest and most complex law enforcement operations to date in the fight against crypto-criminal activities.”

The action comes after the FBI led a Canadian cryptographic service called Phantom Secure Phantom Secure to market its services to criminal elements. It offers secure communication via encrypted mobile phones that the company provides to the syndicate. When the company was demolished in 2018, the FBI tried to fill a gap in the black market for safe criminal communications. To make this happen The agency has recruited a former distributor of Phantom Secure as its informant. This not only helped develop an encrypted communication system called ANOM, but also marketed an isolated network of criminal buyers.

The app went live in October 2018, when the contributor offered an encrypted phone call to three vendors in Australia. “The Anom device was a mobile phone that was completely out of function,” the New York Times said. Only one of their apps is disguised as a calculator function: after entering the code. Users can send messages and images with end-to-end encryption.” Operations are growing rapidly and according to Europol, ANOM devices have been sold to more than 300 organized crime syndicates with operations in over 100 countries. including Australian and European law enforcement agencies. It was released to the public this week. Australian officials said Due to legal restrictions on when wiretap operations may occur. and the need to thwart an ongoing, high-profile conspiracy.

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