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The apps and websites you need for international travel during COVID and reopening.

Covid-19 restrictions for vaccinated tourists in Europe and elsewhere have now been relaxed. You might have an international travel destination in the summer. But it won’t be business as usual.

It depends on where you are going. Expect prices to fluctuate greatly. New testing and vaccination rules and even different mask requirements (sorry, Air France doesn’t want to cover pretty faces. your homemade)

“You’re going to have another item on your pre-checklist. But the reward is being able to visit some of the most iconic attractions that are crowded in the summer,” says Scott Keyes, author of “Take More Vacations” and founder of price tracking website Scott’s Cheap. Flights said he said overall international travel was down 60 percent compared to 201

9, although at some point it started to see an increase in tourism.

to guide the journey in the era of the pandemic Here are some apps and websites that can help improve the process.

Check out the CDC’s COVID-19 recommendations for your destination.. Before you fly You should also listen to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s country-by-country travel advice. The CDC currently recommends international travel only for people who have been fully vaccinated—those who have passed two weeks from vaccination. last vaccination

Find out the terms of participation.. Google Travel link to the official government website with details of participation requirements (go to google.com/travel The Sherpa Travel website has a tool that shows entry requirements and restrictions. By country of origin, connection, final destination and vaccination status Each detail has a link to an official resource. The Delta Air Lines website has a Discover Map detailing the airline’s entry requirements for a particular country. and a travel planning center listing all international destinations open to travel.

Delta’s Discover Map is a color-coded interactive guide that shows which countries are open to visitors and details entry requirements.


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Create a digital scan. For multiple destinations You will need a copy of your vaccination card as proof of vaccination to enter the region. My upcoming flight from California to Germany. via Lufthansa,

Get a printed card or a digital copy. by any means It is recommended to store digital backups.

If you have an iPhone, you can use the Notes app’s built-in document scanner to create new notes. Tap the camera icon and select Scan Documents. Name the note “Covid-19 vaccine card” to make it easier to find You can also pin a note to the top of the screen by tapping the three dots in the right corner.

Microsoft Lens, free on iOS and Android, is a scanning app that can digitize typed or handwritten text.

Digitize your vaccine card using the built-in document scanner in the iPhone Notes app: Start a new note. Tap the camera icon. Select Scan Documents


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Walgreens patients can access copies of their vaccine records from the company’s website. If you’ve been vaccinated at Walmart or Sam’s Club, you can download Health Pass by Clear (free, iOS and Android) to access your digital records. You must agree to share your vaccination history with the app from Walmart’s website if you lose your card. Contact your State Immunization Information System (IIS). The CDC lists links to each state’s IIS on its website.

Search Google and book directly.“The open secret in the world of travel is that no search site has the lowest price,” Keyes said. “Choose the user experience that haunts you the most.”

He uses Google Flights to search because it’s “easiest and fastest.” The site also provides pre-filled links to book directly with the airline. That’s best practice, he says, if something goes wrong with your flight. You can deal with airlines more easily than middlemen.

Before you check out Check again to see if you have an outstanding flight voucher with the airline. from the travel that has been delayed by the pandemic Many of the credits will expire this year. Mr. Keyes said that many airlines will extend it for you. If you call the customer service number and tell them you’re not comfortable traveling yet.

Look for flexible bookings.A move to cut international change fees is one of the key contributors to pandemic-era air travel. Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines are eliminating freight charges. Except for basic economy class fares.

Travelers who search for flights using App in the Air can filter results based on health concerns such as mask requirements. blocked middle seat and free cancellation


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App in the Air (free, iOS and Android) has a new “health filter” that lets you see results from airlines offering flexible fares. Force a mask or block the middle seat.

Hopper (Free, iOS and Android) Price Tracking and Booking App It might be a better option than booking directly for those who want more flexibility and are willing to pay. App flexible date options This adds between 5% and 10% of the cost of the booking. Allows you to apply the value of your tickets. Even if it’s a basic economy class ticket. with a new airport, date, time or other airline, up to 24 hours before departure In case you are detained at customs or experience delays, the Missed Connection Rebooking option (average $25 per passenger) will take you on the next plane to your destination. Whether you missed the same flight regardless of airline

and for hotels Google Travel and Airbnb hotel searchers offer accommodation filters with free cancellations, but be careful: some bookings may charge extra for refundable rates.

Quick check-in expCheck if your airline has an online verification process. VeriFly is a healthy passport app used by American Airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways.,

Iberia and Japan Airlines.

Travelers can upload required documents to the app, such as a negative Covid-19 test result or a vaccination record, an American Airlines spokeswoman said that customers who are pre-approved using the app do not need to interact. with an agent before boarding the plane

United’s mobile app has a new section called the Travel-Ready Center where pilots can upload vaccines or test records. Documents are reviewed through the app and travelers are immediately cleared for check-in.

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Find a vaccination site for re-entry.The United States is now requiring all inbound travelers on international flights aged 2 years and over to test negative for Covid-19, even after vaccination. Google Maps lists official testing centers in metropolitan areas. Many places. Search for “COVID-19 tests near me” to see results. Delta sells the Ellume Covid-19 home antigen test ($50) on its website, where results can be reported to a paired smartphone. and meets US reporting requirements. A spokesperson said the kits can be purchased in advance. Therefore, pilots do not need to search for test locations abroad.

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