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‘The best body shape I’ve ever had in my entire career’

LOS ANGELES – Less than a minute into his first game as a member of LA Clippers, DeMarcus Cousins ​​moved around Enes Kanter, tapped an offensive rebound to himself and scored a lead back in front of Steve. Ballmer, owner of Clippers.

Debuting for the team after a 10-day deal on Monday, the Cousins ​​seven points, four rebounds and two assists in seven minutes during the Clippers’ 133-116 win over Portland Trail Bays. Spencer on Tuesday at Staples Center.

“He’s just great,” said Paul George, who hit 6 pointers and finished with 36 points. “He’s an all-star, he’s still one of the most skilled Big in the league, he finished. He rebounds, I think you saw everything from him tonight and he showed that he still has a lot to give. ”

The Clippers were the latest stop for relatives as a serious injury threatened his All-Star career.The relative tore his Achilles in 201

8 along with the New Orleans Pelicans and underwent long rehab before returning. He then suffered a Quadriceps tear in the first round of the playoffs with the Golden State Warriors in 2019.He returned and played in the NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors, then joined the Los Angeles Lakers only to tear off his ACL before the year. 2019- 20 seasons begin

After missing out last season, Cousin returned and played in 25 games against the Houston Rockets this season before his release. It’s a long, grueling road.

“I’ve done an incredible amount of work to get to this place,” said the relative. “I felt great, my body felt great. I was probably in the best shape I’ve ever done in my entire career at the time. This is about going out and putting everything together and trying to continue showing that I am. I’m in good health and I’m here to play this game at a high level.

“I understand the situation I am in, no matter what opportunity I have, I plan to make the most of it, just control what I can control.”

The Cousin gave the Clippers much-needed depth, with Serge Ibaka (back) missing their 12th game in a row. His first game since February 17.

“Cousins ​​are good,” said Clippers head coach Ty Lue.[It’s] It’s just difficult because he doesn’t know as much to play as now, so we limit the attack, but he’s a problem. [for opponents]He is big, he can post, he can shoot 3, he can pass basketball … just get him in shape and get him used to what we try to do proactively and defensively But we already know he has great talent. ”

The cousin still has some familiarity with this Clippers team.He’s a former team-mate who recently acquired Rajon Rondo, and he played with George on the 2016 US Olympic team and with Patrick Patterson in college at Kentucky.

The Cousin said he did not see many weaknesses in the Clippers, who won two in a row by defeating the Lakers and Blazers.

“Obviously, they have two-headed snakes in the Kawi. [Leonard] And PG, ”Cousins ​​said.“ And it was obvious that the other people’s job was to make their job easier. I think this is probably one of the most perfect teams in the league. I’m just taking everything I can to help this team and take it to the next level. I rarely see this team lacking. “

George said he was looking forward to seeing Cousin regain All-Star form with the Clippers.

“He can play at a really high level,” said George, “so I’m looking forward to getting him into the trenches, he sees the ground and is a great teammate for us.”

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