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The best standing and long mirrors are the ones you can rely on.

A good quality floor mirror or a long glass will be important to all of us for the next three to six months, and I’ll tell you why. As we step into the world with confidence and learn again how to be surrounded by friends, family, dates, co-workers, and critical strangers, one thing that can help is knowing that you look good. Years of Zoom Casual apparel and soft trousers have had everyone having a hard time putting together their outfits. And a smart look in an honest mirror to check for a proper fit means you can walk away without any worries in your heart. (And if you have an idea of ​​a suitable image for the ‘grams), but even staring into the deepest reflection of yourself doesn̵

7;t work very well if you look into a distorted or no mirror at all.

But what makes a full-length mirror the best possible? What adequately and truly reflects your true self? What doesn’t turn you into a caricature But it doesn’t flaunt your ego?

Gio Jimenez, founder of the made-to-order glass brand Puddle Pieces, recommends sticking with real glass. “Distortion is more likely to occur with acrylic and plexiglass.” If you are unsure, check the reflections in the glass corners and pay attention to anything in the background that should match perfectly. If not, you may be dealing with something other than a cheap glass or glass.

Because the best mirrors and long mirrors are not just mirrors. But it’s thick glass. “Nothing less than an eighth of an inch,” Jimenez says. “Anything less than one-eighth will definitely break.” Do you like the beauty of a standing mirror or a stand against a wall? The thicker the mirror is even more important. (That’s why Puddle Pieces’ leaning glass has a wooden support.)

It’s worth noting: You don’t need a large freestanding mirror that is as tall to shoot head-to-toe. Jimenez recommends a mirror that’s at least 36 “tall, although larger has a plus.” The larger the mirror, the bigger you get. Can only stand closer to the mirror “The smaller the mirrors, the more space you have between them,” he said. Your body and a glass to see your whole self.

With this in mind, we opened 15 full-body mirrors, somewhere in here it should be where you can see for yourself.

Image may contain: electronics, computer hardware and mouse

Crate & Barrel Peyton Asymmetrical Standing Mirror

Image may contain furniture
In the picture there may be a mirror.

Glass Warehouse, modern and contemporary long glass

Image may contain: wood, flooring, flooring and hardwood

Upland Oaks, large full-length mirrors

Mercury Row full-length mirror “Martinsen”

Full bloom rose home mosaic

Image may contain: furniture, table, table, table, chair and dining table

NeuType Floor mirror, long

Image may contain carpets, furniture and mirrors.

Selene extra large mirror

TinyTimes Long glass panel made of wood

In the picture there may be a mirror.

Crate & Barrel Orezi Geometric Floor Mirror

Image may contain: electronic device, computer hardware, mouse and mirror

CB2 Suva Rough cast mirror

In the picture there may be a mirror.
In the picture there may be a mirror.

Williston Forge Bellbrook Industrial Tilt Mirror

Image may contain furniture, chairs and lamps.

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