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The best TV sitcoms of all time

It’s been over eight decades since the two sitcoms have timed and gave them a balm from Rob Petrie stumbled upon his ottoman. The Dick Van Dyke Show Go to Ilana, facing in if Wide city Underground car from Honeymoon couple‘Ralph Kramden was hardly upset with Ed Norton. AtlantaPaper Boi does the same for Earn, his cousin, from Lucy Ricardo̵

7;s drunken Vitameatavegamin to Fleabag enjoying Gin in a Tin with the hottest priest, the most beloved character of the genre, on our side.

In our selection of the 100 greatest sitcoms, we have to first decide how to define the term. Sketch comedies from blatant out like Saturday Night Live and Muppet show, To something more obscure, such as The Rocky and Bullwinkle ShowFunny Ditto – a hybrid drama that ran for about an hour – Freaks and Geeks, Say, or Crazy ex girlfriendHalf-hour drama offers blurry images. We have looked at these cases case-by-case using the famous definition of our own version of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart: “I know when I see” where. Enlightened and Wonder year It seems to have fallen into too much drama, for example. Atlanta and Something better Funny enough to qualify The show contains all English comedies, mostly American, with a handful of British and Canadian shows truncated.

Most of the time, we’re looking for a consistent group of characters and settings. Then we didn’t consider how much these series made us laugh. But also how much of the influence these series have on the shows that follow, how well they reflect the world around them, and how deeply they sometimes make us feel emotionally.

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