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The big leak confirms new details about the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

There haven’t been many leaks regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 3 so far, but it looks like that will change.Samsung is expected to release a new foldable smartphone in the coming months.

This means that we can expect the leaks to begin to seep in, the latest leaks are pretty big. It confirms some of the new details about the Galaxy Z Flip 3, especially regarding its design and display.

It looks like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have a big improvement.

Images have surfaced online confirming details about the Galaxy Z Flip 3.These images appear to be from a promotional video Samsung made for its product.

We can see that the new fold will be available in multiple colors as previously reported. Samsung also opted for a two-tone approach that blends beautifully in a lid display.

When it comes to the cover display, the image shows that it will be more practical than the Galaxy Z Flip will be able to view at least one full message. Therefore, notifications will be more useful on the screen as well. The dual camera setup can also be seen alongside the display.

Apparently, the device is encased in Gorilla Glass Victus, which significantly improves its external durability. In addition, a new “armor”

; has been applied to the hinges and folding displays to further improve its durability.

If what we’re seeing here is correct, it looks like Samsung has made some big improvements to its successor to the Galaxy Z Flip, this is a great opportunity to become one of Samsung’s most sought-after phones of 2021.

What do you think about these improvements for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, will they make you open up your wallet?

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