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The boring escapist arrested by the police after buying out Call Of Duty

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After escaping from prison last year and in hiding for months, a man in the UK was arrested after leaving hiding to buy a copy of. Call of DutyOnly the police will be caught in the process.

According to West Midlands PoliceClint Butler, 36, an escaped convict in Birmingham, went out to buy a copy of the Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold WarButler hid from the police on his return. November of last year He dropped out of the HMP Spring Hill Prison, located in the city. Buckinghamshire He faces up to 17 years in prison for crimes including robbery and firearms.

When local police spotted Butler and his friend, the pair changed direction to avoid the police. This caught the attention of the police, who asked Butler what he was doing and about the exit of prison caused by the outbreak of the epidemic. Call of Duty Because I can’t sit still, ”West Midlands Police reports.

The official asked for some details.The point where a butler attacked one of the officers. After being arrested, it was discovered that the Butler gave the police a fake name. He was given a 13-month sentence for his first breakout and six months for an altercation with the police.

West Midlands Police Director Nick Rowe seemed confused about why Butler came out to buy the game, saying: “Why did he take the risk of being back in jail by making a silly decision to come into town during the opening with a friend?” To buy the game Video games will remain a bit of a mystery. “

In the future, for all of you trying to avoid the violent police often found all over the world, remember that you can always buy the game digital.

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