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The Broncos avoided the $ 15 million guarantee for Ja’Wuan James due to an off-site injury.

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The broad judgment that a team has when a player suffers a serious work-related injury is generally based on a number of factors. The more important a player is, the more valuable he is with his constant efforts to win games and keep up with the championship, the more chances he will earn money, although technically he will use his skill. In the making The less important a player is, especially in terms of what he has earned and / or will be paid, the more likely he will not receive anything.

For dealing with Ja’Wuan James, the Broncos chose to take a approach. “You get nothing.” They paid James $ 17 million in 2019 and he only played three games. He then opted out of last year during the outbreak. (In theory, it shouldn’t be counted against him But it’s impossible to expect to completely ignore this when assessing the consequences of his off-site injury.)

So, after a year of retiring from football, James started working on the team’s premises. It was then reported that he left the NFL Players Association recommendations. Although the team gives him and others “voluntary options” to exercise away from the team, But the communication from the team made it clear that the team was not responsible for injuries sustained off-site.

So James was injured, which was serious, and the Broncos, all the factors considered, decided not to put James on the roster and pay his salary in 2021, but to cut ties with the players who had been involved. But for off-site injuries it will earn more than $ 10 million by 2021, with that money guaranteed for skill, injury and limits.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Broncos did not move to remove the remaining guarantees on his contract ($ 10 million this year plus a $ 5 million 2022 injury guarantee). Just like Ravens did with Earl Thomas last year) that the Skill, Injury and Helmet Guarantee do not cover occupational injuries.

The next question is whether the Broncos will attempt to recover the $ 3 million signing bonus allocation applied to the 2021 season, according to the manner in which CBA’s Section 4, Section 9 is written, that will be difficult for the Broncos to accomplish. To recover the full signing bonus that can be used for a certain year, it must first be “Confiscated Abuse” with continued abuse all the way up to the end of the scheduled season. The amputation of James prior to being “abused” made James miss at least six days of training camp. The right to recover the 2021 signing bonus allocation will not be owned by anyone.

The Broncos can argue that the nature of the injury. (Achilles tendon tear) necessarily signifies that the abuse will continue through the end of the regular season. James will reply that this is not important. The team cut him before he was unable to train, resulting in James committing a forfeited breach that would allow his signing bonus to be recovered. Therefore, the team cannot take any action.

In other words, James’ content will be treated no different than any other player who has been cut off the signing bonus who has not received the money left in his deal. The players keep that money.

The Broncos could easily put James on the list of non-football injuries throughout 2021, leaving The “spoiled breach” went on and sought $ 3 million. It’s unclear why they chose to cut him now. Maybe they don’t want to deal with any potential publicity denial of their refusal to pay James’s weekly check when the regular season begins. Maybe they didn’t want him in place while he rehabilitated the injury, a reminder to the rest of the Broncos that the Broncos chose to stick with James. James pays for his treatment.

Even though James kept the full signing bonus paid in 2019, he didn’t get anything else. That should be a warning to all players that “Full guarantee” is not a guarantee, only on skills, salaries, and injuries that occur while indoors or on the field.

The Broncos didn’t leave James skilled for the highest salary or suffered a workplace injury, so $ 10 million was gone.

But what about the idea that James would exercise his right to fight this outcome? I also had the right to fight Mike Tyson, who would have given him the right to beat me to blood.

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