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The Browns 2018 figure looks even better after Sam Darnold’s trade.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Think of the conversation we’ll have today if the Browns surrender Sam Darnold after making him the top pick in the 2018 draft, but the Jets are the team that took Darnold No.3, the second defender in the game. Raft – and traded with him on Monday for a package highlighted by a second-round pick for next year.

Whether it’s Darnold, Brown’s No.1 candidate, or the faulty Jets, it’s something we’ll soon discover. But it was also a sign of a time when the other teams moved on quickly from the top. Draft defenders, while the Browns can decide to extend Mayfield this offseason, even if they won̵

7;t, Mayfield will be the team’s Week 1 starter for the third consecutive season and will make it their 46th consecutive regular season. His started when the Browns opened the season – oh, and he started two playoff games.

You can argue the Browns in hindsight, should Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson be at the top of the draft. But you can argue the franchisee’s insecurity too, it can be disastrous for both defenders landing in the same ideal situation as Mayfield, even if it took a few seasons to figure it out.

Mary Kay Cabot, Ellis Williams and I drafted the 2018 draft in Wednesday’s Orange and Brown Talk Podcast, then Tim Bielik joined me to do the Browns-only seven-round mock draft.

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