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The Bulls’ Lauri Markkanen made an impact in an alternate role.

After the Bulls’ morning shooting on Thursday, Billy Donovan approached Coby White and Lauri Markkanen.

“Basically, I tell both of them how much I admire them,” Donovan said.

That’s because in Donovan’s words they had moved from “Beginning and focal point” goes to “important people”, but – not in Donovan’s words – reserved, so basically the coach will thank them for accepting the role.

“I still believe they are very important pieces for our team,” Donovan said, “but I give them a lot of credit. A lot of things have changed and many men have to make sacrifices … I am grateful not only But the way they handled But the way they work and try to come to games that are ready to be played and engaged. ”

Markkanen would not have scored an average per minute like he did in scoring 1

8 for the Bulls’ 122-113 victory over the Raptors on Thursday night.

If he were, then someone would be a very rich man with limited free time.

But for the second game in a row, he and White, who added 15 points in 27 minutes, contributed to a significant win in their new reserve role.

No one could have predicted that Markkanen would leave the bench in his fourth season, considered a year of build or a break for him after he denied the Bulls’ multi-year contract extension to bet on himself. But here we are

“I’m thankful that he appreciates what we are doing,” said Mark Kane of the Donovan meeting. I think everyone is making sacrifices for the new people that come in and the way we are playing.

“As a competitor, you want to play as much as possible. But I can’t control that, so I’m going to take on my role and do whatever I can in the minutes I get. ”

In five backup appearances since Donovan suppressed the idea of ​​starting Markkanen alongside Nikola. VučevićToday, Markkanen averaged 11.8 points and 4.6 rebounds on 62.1 percent of the shootings, including 53.3 percent from the 3-point range.

That’s all in just 21.6 minutes per game and that includes Markkanen, who saved a few minutes ahead of him. This is a feature that he brings smaller players to color more often. Compared to the Raptors, he finished 6-for-6 from that distance and shot an effective 8-by-10 overall.

“It’s a little different, just read the match,” Markkanen said. “If I had a guy smaller than me, I think I’m posting more now, and that’s just part of the body. I’m just trying to be aggressive with anyone. ”

Raptors coach Nick Nurse admits the impact of Bulls’ big-team lineup on Markkanen in going a little forward.

I just think the men are three really good players, you have to find a moment for them, I mean Markkanen is unbelievable and he plays for 18 minutes, ”the nurse said. And every time we get it wrong, he pays us and he’s only there for 18 minutes, that’s part of the reason they have to play with him there, I think. The three of them deserve a big minute.& rdquo;

Markkanen definitely needs big minutes. Instead of those things, he will take control of what he can control and accept three straight victories, two of which he has had a significant positive impact.

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