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The CDC wants to stop lying to Americans and treat us like children.

  • The NCC may think that it is good for public health to mislead us. But people don’t like to be controlled.
  • The agency is using misleading statistics to inflate COVID-19 outside the building.
  • People cannot trust the CDC when it is so generous to us or when it is in front of us.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest round of COVID-19 safety guidelines are unscientific and in some cases deliberately deceptive.

The agency may think it serves the best interests of public health when it misleads us. But ordinary people do not respond to the controls as they are now.

Public health messaging is not easy and is much less enviable during the epidemic.

But the too many precautions the CDC recommends for outdoor activities this summer could prove to be the last straw for many people who are still diligently adhering to the COVID-1

9 safety limits.

Rather than taking obfuscation and deception to get Americans to deal seriously with the threat of COVID-19, the CDC should be clear about the risks and levels with the public that some of the restrictions imposed more than a year ago – when Little is known about this virus – not necessary anymore.

Otherwise people will tweak it right.

The ‘good’ lie still generates distrust.

As David Leonhardt said Tuesday in The New York Times, the CDC mislead the public when it says less than 10% of COVID-19 transmission occurs outdoors.

The real number, epidemiologists say, could be between 0.1% and 1%, although that’s less than that.

Anywhere at that level is a long distance away from “10%”.

Leonhardt described the recipe “less than 10%” as “both real and deceptive”, adding that. “There is no single documented COVID infection in the world from casual outdoor interactions such as walking by someone on the street or eating at a nearby table.”

But the CDC appears to be committed to playing three cards with statistics, although the agency’s public trust continues to fade, according to a recent Rand Corp.

It’s not that the CDC has access to a vastly different specialist from Leonhardt, so it’s clear what they’re doing: trying to compensate too much for the American public, which they believe is too risky.

That’s Catch-22.

Yes, many American citizens are against basic precautions, such as wearing masks and social aloofness, whenever possible. But the CDC’s austerity and number of falsification have undermined its own power.

All of this was summed up perfectly in a Senate committee hearing just hours after Leonhardt’s article was published, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Main told Roche. “I always consider the CDC to be the gold standard. I don’t do it anymore.”

The senator added: “Confusing and confusing advice from your agency has undermined public confidence and contradicted the scientific advice of many experts.”

Collins cited the Times story, then cited a number of eminent medical experts who called the agency’s summer camp safety guidelines “unreasonable” and “unfairly draconian.” “

Walensky responded by saying the CDC approach came from a meta-analysis of several scientific studies that concluded that COVID-19 transmission outside the home was “less than 10%” in all cases.

But there is another “less than” sentence. If the real number is a small fraction of the number of the top line, it’s a lie, even if it’s true.

It’s hard to believe the CDC director was not prepared to be asked about it, so if something was hugely wrong with the story that the New York Times referred to by Collins, Walensky could speak in the language. Plain English can say “That story is not correct and our number. Correct and not misleading, this is proof. “

But Walensky doesn’t.She turns into the bizarre anecdote about the atrocities her 16-year-old son wants to go to camp. But she refused to let him go this summer.

What kind of message did the top US medical official refuse to have her son, who was vaccinated in the past month, go to summer camp?

This is how you lose your public trust.

Modeling dishonest ‘good’ behavior

Walensky thought she was a role model of “good” behavior, insisting that it was too dangerous for her teenagers to go camping.

In fact, she is undermining the message that vaccines are safe, highly effective in preventing you from getting COVID-19 and that everyone entitled should be jammed.

A more powerful message that benefits the CDC’s mission with a fact-based basis – to make Walensky make it clear that due to the low likelihood of outdoor transmission and the efficacy of her vaccine adolescents, it is aimed at Face to summer camp Show people there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is the possibility of having a social life again.The CDC should encourage us that we will all live again faster if we all get shot.

But we’re left with the CDC’s guidelines that force kids to wear masks all the time, even outdoors, and keep campers 6 feet of social distance, even outdoors, despite evidence that it’s too much.

But government medical agencies have said children suffer needlessly from excessive caution as the CDC is reluctant to give this directly to the American public.

There is a strain of COVID-19 and it is possible to spread it in the vaccinated cohort. Too soon to know

That’s why the CDC remains difficult to adhere to ineffective COVID-19 safety guidelines.

People cannot trust the CDC when it is persuaded us to be fathers or when it is in front of us.

The CDC will regret its dedication to theater safety COVID-19 the next time it needs to meet a number of requirements to stop the outbreak. People will also regret the reckless lie by the medical staff.

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