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The “Chicken Sandwich” is one of the must-eats at Disney’s New Avengers Campus.

Disneyland has entered the chicken sandwich chat. with the opening of the Avengers campus Disney’s newest land, California Adventure, the happiest place in the world. threw Mickey’s ears in “Who has the best chicken sandwich?” debate Not So Little Chicken Sandwich at the Pym Test Kitchen. Of course, I had to try it during my last visit to the Avengers Campus, and let me tell you that even Thor said it was a worthy contender. ! this is what i think

What’s in a little chicken sandwich?

This spicy sandwich, which costs $15, includes teriyaki and red pepper sauce. Sauerkraut Salad and a large piece of fried chicken breast on a small piece of brioche bread. Served with crispy tart batter on the side. It̵

7;s satisfying to eat. It’s worth the price. If you don’t like spicy food Don’t let the red chilli sauce scare you away! As someone who wants to call the fire department every time she flutters over a jalapeno. This sauce is so soft and delicious.

Why does it look like that?

Just as Ant-Man and the Wasp use pym particles to grow and shrink almost anything they can. So does a food scientist at Pym Test Kitchen! OK, so they don’t grow or shrink anything. But the menu is designed to play with a unique dimension – it’s as if the Disney cooking team took the same kitchen antics as your favorite MCU characters and made it quite amusing. and hence delicious results.

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How do you eat?

This is not a pick-up sandwich. So be sure to grab a fork and knife before sitting down to enjoy it. The more brioche you reach, the more chances you have to pick it up from there. until then Disperse! I would recommend splitting it up with fellow Avenger depending on how hungry you are.

Is it worth ordering?

Not So Little Chicken Sandwich is one of my favorite foods I tried at the Avengers Campus (and there’s a lot of good food). The sauerkraut salad, teriyaki and red pepper sauce add a lot of flavor. This will become my go-to meal when I feel hungry after bravely saving the world in Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. Sorry Shawarma.

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