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The Cleveland Cavaliers’ rebuilding plans focus on Jarrett Allen’s trade that was’ too good to pass’.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Without the assets of winning a year of winning everything and sacrificing anything, Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman has been out on duty a few years ago. He called it asset accumulation.

With LeBron James leaving and inevitably rebuilding, the Cavs’ main route back to credibility was through the draft. The goal is to get as many options as possible, either with smaller building blocks like Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Dylan Windler, Kevin Porter Jr. and Isaac Okoro, or to hoard the right time in Attack Through trade, a secondary pathway to major improvements

Throughout Altman̵

7;s tenure, he gained a number of popularity. The first round was defended. One second round A few seconds plus an expired contract Trade exception

Then came Wednesday afternoon Altman’s home run

“What you’ve seen in the last few transactions is swapping with a large number of singles,” Altman said Thursday afternoon via Zoom. “The addition of the 22-year-old center is entering his fourth year in that league. Proved to be even more advantageous, that is, all the intangible things that you look for to add to your culture. Too good to pass through “

The Cavs were a willing contributor to the James Harden film that brought him to Brooklyn, giving up the first-round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks’ unprotected defender Dante Exum and the second round. In 2024 at minimal value in exchange for rising-centric Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince, the 3 and D winger.

While the deal officially took off on Thursday morning. But betting started several months ago.

The Cleveland front office spoke with Nets during the free agency, inquiring about Allen’s readiness as a potential replacement for Tristan Thompson, despite Brooklyn’s disruption. But their front office members remembered the attention and reached out on Wednesday afternoon, pulling the Cavs into a landscape-changing deal that will be remembered for years to come.

“If you do your job, you have to register your interests first,” Altman said. “Things are heating up very quickly. I would say they know we can work to do something to help them achieve their goals. maximum”

The nets were desperate to make a Philadelphia 76ers proposal for Harden and could not do it alone. With three high-priced stars and no chance to sign Allen again as a restricted free agent this season, the Nets parted ways with the talented youngster and sent the Prince’s hefty salary. Interrupting the selection of the draft in the future

Brooklyn has a man, so so do Cavs, plus a prince.

“Jarrett added a piece that definitely (fits) the long-term vision in terms of how we want to play, how JB wants to play,” Altman said. “Everything we know about him, he’s a great guy. Great characters about the team Sharp intelligence fits our young group, and the addition of the Taurean Prince is also a big deal for us. Strong and defensive-minded players we know will be added to this group as well. Both of them are showing up at our doorstep today and we are ready to welcome them openly. ”

The 22-year-old Allen is a seldom into the trading market and, if he does, typically costs more than an injured expired contract, late first-round play and throw-in picks. This season he has averaged 11.2 points from 67.7% of appearances with 10.4 rebounds and 1.6 blocks.

With Allen’s mix of productive age and unselfish style, he is on the line for big payday this summer.

“I think he has a lot of room for upside,” head coach JB Bickerstaff said. “The obvious thing and advantage for him is that he knows who he is and he knows what his game is. I think these are the people who achieve the fastest without them trying to figure out who they are. They just go out and know who they are from the jump, then we can build and develop from there. I think that’s a good starting point. ”

Free agency is generally ineffective for Cleveland. It’s hard to win a bidding war against more compelling competitors. This way, the Cavs have an inside funnel. In addition to acquiring Bird and having the opportunity to match quotes this summer, they were able to familiarize Allen with Bickerstaff’s system and style, letting him learn everything about the organization.

“It’s better to have him in the house than to try to find him during limited free agency,” Altman said, “to let go of the values ​​we do. We certainly see him in our long-term future.”

When Allen is imprisoned as the newest member of Cleveland’s Nucleus, the team’s vision suddenly gets involved. The detractors once pointed out that the Cavs were an improper collection of young talent, too many guards were not enough … well … otherwise, it’s hard to say right now.

There is still some uncertainty in the latter level of Garland-Sexton Cavs will need more information before deciding if they’ll work. But the front office is aware of the best way to mitigate the defensive problems that remain: interior dimensions and rim protection.

Allen will be a backline holder. The Prince was able to match up a tougher match with the league’s best out-scorer, sharing that responsibility with Okoro, who continues to show a sensational flare after being picked 5th in the 2020 draft.

“We could have been the best centerline defender in the league, helping us defend, which was a focal point for us,” Bickerstaff said, “not to mention the vertical pitch he gave at the end of the offensive approach. Where he can guide, pick and roll in the offensive end to help our guards when they are in good health, Taurean, the ability to lay the ground, the toughness he brings. These are the type of people we are looking for and are players as well. ”

Looking to the future of the Cavs, today there is more hope, Garland and Sexton in the backyard – if they prove they can grow together, Okoro, as a potential two-way forward, with Think first, prevention and intangibles. Allen Threats, Bouncy Balls, Rim Runners, and Lynch Pin Defense. Larry Nance Jr., as a versatile forward-looking man, with high-altitude skate ball, outskirts and disruptive hands. There’s also Porter, a 20-year-old swingman and a tantalizing sniper Windler.

“We are thrilled that the group is moving forward,” Altman said. “You can play in the 23-year-old’s defense line, but then we have very important vets to help with this process to make sure we continue. Probably play a meaningful game of basketball and try to win. “

The Cavs know they are coming this season, not the time to hit the “go” button. They already have a crowded roster and limited salary space. So, they made a few moves to complement the roster, letting Bickerstaff lay the groundwork, sterilize his culture and stamp on the franchise as the young players grew.

Altman said Thursday the Cavs were still in evaluation mode. They have men who can play. They know that Now they have to figure out how good those pieces are. That is the next step. That is, and win more games, which are much easier when players return from the injury list and after Allen and Prince’s addition.

It’s all part of the plan, which looks better. But still far from perfect

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