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The CNN Airport Network will shut down on March 31, after 30 years.

CNN Airport Network, a service that delivers cable news content to terminal waiting areas across the country, is shutting down on March 31.

The end of the service launched in 1990 was announced Tuesday in an official note from CNN Chairman Jeff Zucker.

He said the decline in airline passenger traffic due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the increase in video news, streaming on mobile phones and other internet-connected devices led to the decision.

The CNN-sponsored airport network is no longer a profitable operation for the WarnerMedia unit, according to people briefing on matters that are not allowed to comment publicly. About two dozen employees based in CNN̵

7;s Atlanta headquarters will lose their jobs and shut down.

CNN Airport Network displays on 1,800 screens in 54 airports across the US and Bermuda. Customized services show groups from CNN and other Turner channels such as HLN and TNT.

Air disaster coverage and stories unsuitable for children’s viewing has been shut down.

The network helps CNN brand awareness to its captured audiences, even as the company faces new competition from cable rivals Fox News and MSNBC. Exposure to international tourists has also helped build CNN’s reputation as a source World news

“It’s not easy to say goodbye to a beloved brand,” Zucker said in his memoir. “It also becomes an integral part of the travel experience in this country.”

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