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The county plans to vaccinate 1.9 million San Diego residents by July.

San Diego County residents 65 and older can now be vaccinated against COVID-19 if their health care provider has a dose.

But with the excessive demand for vaccines, this is likely a problem.

As it is, the county has attempted to vaccinate nursing home residents and health care workers who fall into the state’s highest priority vaccination level, with 620,000 people in it and just about 80,000. Only people are vaccinated, although district officials say this may be an underestimation.

On Wednesday, Gavin Newsom announced Californians 65 and older were eligible for vaccination, a day after the federal government urged states to extend eligibility. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.About 1

5 percent of San Diego County residents aged 80 and older who have been exposed to COVID-19 die – more than one in seven.

But the state’s announcement is likely to spark confusion and dissatisfaction on the issue: Scripps Health, one of the two largest health systems in the region, sent the following message to members on Wednesday:

“No hospital in San Diego is currently vaccinated to begin distributing to their patients, and we are waiting to hear from the government when to expect them .. At this point, please don’t call your Scripps doctor, as they don’t know when the vaccine will be available. ”

Alvarado Hospital in La Mesa and Paradise Valley Hospital in National City said they were studying the new guidelines. But it was not ready to announce other system changes, including UC San Diego Health and Sharp HealthCare.

More than 473,000 San Diegans are aged 65 and over.So far, the region has received 241,000 volumes, according to the most recent county data. And each person will need to be vaccinated twice to get their immunity.

“We don’t want to make any expectations that everyone 65 and older will suddenly get vaccinated,” supervisor Nathan Fletcher said during the county’s coronavirus briefing on Wednesday. We can only get the vaccines that we actually have. “

The county now plans to use the dosage to continue vaccinating health workers. The largest vaccination facility in the region, located in the Petco Park tailgate parking lot, is working to immunize 5,000 people a day by the end of the week. The plan is to build three more vaccination sites, including one that will launch in February at South Bay and sites in North County and East County.

By the week of January 25, San Diegans 65 and above should be vaccinated at the county area, according to public health officials Dr. Wilma Wooten said essential workers such as teachers, grocery workers and police officers will follow up in February.

County officials also say that San Diego County residents will soon be able to do what people living in Philadelphia, Ohio and other parts of the country can do – Sign up for reminders when it’s time for them to be vaccinated so they know when and where. Get their picture The county is working with the state health department to launch a sign-up system next week.

The vaccine will create or destroy county plans to vaccinate nearly 1.9 million residents against COVID-19 by July 1, following the initial sluggish release of the vaccine.

To get there, the region will need to increase an average of 23,400 shots per day over the next five months. San Diego County is now around 6,100 matches per day.

San Diego County's COVID-19 vaccination plan

Fletcher also said the region plans to switch from having four to 12 point of sale: smaller locations across the county where people who are eligible for vaccines can get vaccinated if they can’t. It is accessible from their healthcare provider.

The county plans to pay up to $ 100 million to fund these efforts. But hopefully the state or federal government will eventually cover the costs.

“We are taking a leap in faith,” Fletcher said. “We will hold onto our receipts and hope the payment will arrive.”

UCSD Head of Infectious Diseases Dr. Davey Smith hopes some of the money will be used to hire workers to spend on the county-wide gunfire.

“We can’t always rely on volunteer staff,” Smith said. “We need real support and real infrastructure, and that comes with money to pay people on time.

Because outbreaks show no signs of slowing, vaccines are critical to stopping the coronavirus. In Wednesday’s COVID-19 follow-up report, the county reported 3,261 new positive patients out of 14,636 test results, representing a 22 percent positive rate, significantly higher than the two-week mean positive rate of 14.4 percent.

54 additional deaths were announced Wednesday, bringing the cumulative cost to just eight of the 2,000 human lives.

Hospitals continue to tread the water by the local census – the total number of COVID-19 patients required to stay in hospital rose from 32 to 1,802 Tuesday, the first time the number of COVID-19 cases per day has surpassed 1,800.

Wednesday’s report included 162 new COVID-related hospitalizations, however, officials said the total hospitalizations from earlier days did not show a sudden increase in COVID-related hospitalizations. One day

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