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The COVID-19 outbreak following the camp

The Illinois Department of Health reported Monday that nearly 100 COVID-19 cases were the result of an outbreak in a summer youth camp in western central Illinois.

So far, 85 campers and adult staff at Crossing Camp in Rushville have contracted the virus. There were 11 new cases of COVID-19 when two campers attended a meeting nearby in mid-June.

All campers and adults were eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, but “only a few” were shot, IDPH said.

Organizers at the camp in Schuyler County did not verify whether participants or staff were vaccinated. And masks are not needed for indoor activities, IDPH reports.

Crossing Camp administrators did not respond to requests for comment from the Daily Herald on Monday.

The news comes as concerns grow over the highly contagious delta strain of COVID-19, which accounts for more than 20% of new cases in the United States. Federal experts say

Ngozi Ezike, director of IDPH, said most of the people infected in Rushville were campers. and one teenager was hospitalized.

“The perception of the risks to children may seem small. But even if infected with COVID-19 Small amounts can still cause long-term health problems,” Ezike said in a statement. “Infected youth who may not have a serious illness can also spread the virus to others including those who are too young to be vaccinated. or those who have not developed strong immunity and are expected to have an immune response to the vaccine.”

last friday The state has reported more than 50 cases of camp-related infections, the revelation occurred June 13-17.

“This is an example of a community with low vaccination rates,” said Dr. Jonathan Pinsky, MD, Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention at Edwards Hospital. and does not adhere to social distancing and concealment And that’s where you see the epidemic.”

IDPH plans to test to track which cases are caused by variables.

The delta variant is 60 percent more contagious than the highly contagious alpha strain, which originated in the UK, Pinsky said. The Centers for Disease Control said the alpha variant is the most common variant in the United States.

CDC experts say vaccine against COVID-19 It is not approved for children under 11 years old, which is why it is important that children Masks and social distancing must be worn in homes where pandemics are still present.

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