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The COVID vaccine has a limited number of locations affecting launch in Arizona.

PHOENIX – On Feb. 1, the COVID-19 testing facility at the Phoenix Municipal Stadium will be transformed into a larger vaccination facility. But the launch process in our state still sees new challenges as the Ari people look forward to vaccination opportunities.

The stadium transformation is part of a plan to rapidly expand vaccine access across the state. But limited supply and locations didn’t make it easy.

“They are telling us that ‘Just go into the website and get it’ and you go there … it’s a real chore to find something, ”Henry Wall said.

Wall, 77, lives in the Eastern Valley and is eligible for the vaccine. He spent hours and days searching for appointments online, eventually finding no one near his home.

“I had to go to a surprise location about 45 miles away,”

; Wall said.

It is a testimonial that highlights the need for additional vaccination sites. On Thursday, the state announced that the Phoenix Municipal Stadium will be open online next month.

Dr. Cara Christ spoke about his efforts on KTAR 92.3 FM Thursday morning.

“We have created a playbook that can now be rebuilt on the web,” said Dr. Christ.

She said it won’t be setting up the last state-run POD site with more positions in the portfolio. So far, more than 200,000 people across the state have been vaccinated.

Pharmacies are also playing a big role.

“We are presenting 100 pharmacies over the next few weeks that will be available,” said Dr. Christ, “and we have 800 more ready to go as more vaccines are available.”

State leaders on Wednesday opened distribution of the vaccine to people 65 and older, a big plan, but supply is limited.Several counties, such as Yuma and Pinal, were unable to get to that group until more were acquired, Maricopa County is in. The same boat

Rebecca Sunenshine, medical director of Maricopa County Health, said: “We won’t be able to open up and expand to other groups.

The state-run site, however, will serve people 65 and older, opening appointments for that group next Tuesday at 9am, although it’s fastest for anyone in the group to be able to fire in February.

“We’ve heard that the federal government may release additional drugs,” explains Dr. Sunenshine.

Maricopa County said they were previously building additional distribution locations for teachers and law enforcement. They also said the Grand Canyon University website will open next week and be ready to offer 500 vaccinations a day.

Phoenix Union High School District also announced Thursday that four campuses will be used to distribute the coronavirus vaccine to district school employees. Officials said the alliance with Maricopa County Public Health will take place over two days, where hundreds of teachers and staff are expected to be shot.

The pod is being set up:

Carl Hayden Community High School

Middle high school

Cesar Chavez High School

Maryvale High School

The two-day event takes place on January 22 and 23, and the registration link for the event will be sent to all school employees.

But all of this is with the federal government that has made up its promise of flooding the state with vaccines in the coming weeks. And the clock is running

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