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The dancers revel in the dance floor as Spain tries the digital COVID-19.

Forced face masks failed to hide their joy as the Spanish city of Girona moved to house music hosted by live DJs.

For the first time in eight months, Girona has had a nightlife this weekend with a pilot digital pass program that authorities hope will allow socialization without spreading the coronavirus.

Since October, concerts have been banned in northeastern Catalonia, while restaurants and bars have been closed for the night since December.

But under a program to revitalize the service sector, residents of Girona one evening will receive a digital pass to allow them to go to concerts or dine at five of the restaurants.

For this, they have to download the app onto their cell phone and get a COVID-19 antigen test, show a negative PCR test, or prove they already have coronavirus.

About 250 people bought tickets for Saturday night in 20 minutes.

People wearing face masks dance inside the La Merce Cultural Center during the Open Girona program, which aims to create a digital health pilot program to reopen restaurants and businesses amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the city. Girona, Spain May 1, 2021.REUTERS / Nacho Doce

“It looks good to me because all of this affects our minds, maybe in a healthy body. But not mentally, so I think these types of activities, which are regulated and with security measures, are great, ”said 26-year-old Susanabergaz, a factory worker at Girona.

The five participating restaurants are allowed to operate at 80% capacity.

The card is valid for a maximum of 36 hours and costs between € 2.50 and € 8.50 ($ 3- $ 10.50).

“The Open Girona initiative is a project that aims to test a form of digital testing and vaccination to reopen Girona in a safe and controllable way,” said the organizer of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, the public agency. It said in a statement on Sunday.

An experimental concert in Barcelona in March, where people quickly took the COVID-19 test and attended 5,000 people at the venue, without social distraction, did not infect the organizers. The event said earlier this month, giving hope to the live music sector.

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