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The death toll from COVID increases in three cities. low vaccination rates

Three other Tri-Cities residents have died from complications of COVID-19 recently, the Benton Franklin Health District announced Friday.

They reported nine deaths this month, the decline continued as more people vaccinated.

in April Local health districts reported 12 deaths from the disease, down from 18 in March and 22 in February.

The latest fatalities include a Benton County woman in her 70s and two Franklin County men in her 60s.

The latest deaths bring the total since the outbreak began to 327, including 218 Benton County residents and 1

09 Franklin County residents.

Total deaths were 135 people, 80 or more; 90 out of 70 of them; 63 in their 60s; 26 years old in their 50s; nine in their 40s; each one in their 30s and 20s; and two under 20

Local health officials confirmed the deaths were caused by complications of the coronavirus by checking the test positive. and stated that coronavirus infection was the leading cause of death on death certificates.

Deaths in the Tri-Cities area are announced weekly on Friday.

Covid case 3 cities

Benton Franklin Health District said midweek that new cases had dropped to levels unprecedented since September.

The Tri-Cities area recorded 23 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Friday, down from 32 on Thursday and 28 on Wednesday.

They brought in 162 new confirmed cases in the week starting at the weekend, including 106 in Benton County and 56 in Franklin County.

The average daily number of new cases has dropped to 23.

This is down from 28 daily averages the previous week and 30 the previous week.

A total of 28,808 cases have been reported in the Tri-Cities since the outbreak began.

despite the decrease in new cases But there is still an epidemic of disease.

The local health district said in a weekly report released Wednesday that the two counties had five current business outbreaks, with three business investigations. An outbreak of one long-term medical facility under investigation. and one school outbreak with three investigations pending.

The number of people hospitalized in the area for treatment for the novel coronavirus disease 2019 rose to 17 on Friday, up two from the number reported since Monday.

There were 17 COVID-19 cases, accounting for 4.3% of hospital cases in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and Prosser.

covid vaccine

Benton and Franklin counties lag behind Washington state overall in getting people age 16 and older vaccinated.

Governor Jay Inslee expects the state to return to full reopening on June 30, but it could be sooner if 70% of people aged 16 and over have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine within time. that

Teens ages 12-15 in Washington state are also eligible for the vaccine on May 12, but the governor has not included them in their early reopening targets. Because they have a limited time that hasn’t been vaccinated.

In Washington state, 61% of people aged 16 and over begin vaccination, and 51% are fully vaccinated.

That fell to 48 percent of Benton County residents aged 16 and over who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. At least once and 41% were fully vaccinated.

In Franklin County, only 40% of residents aged 16 and over have received at least one vaccination, and only 33% have been fully vaccinated.

Franklin County is one of eight of the 39 counties in the state with the lowest vaccination rates. All but one of them in eastern Washington.

The drive-through vaccination clinic at Tri-Cities is coming to an end on Friday. before dismantling the place This is because the vaccine is widely available in the Tri-Cities.

Public health officials hope to support those who have not yet received the vaccine to be vaccinated as quickly as possible.

The drive-through COVID-19 testing site at Columbia Basin College in Pasco is expected to extend the free vaccination date in addition to testing.

Now pictured at 3110 W. Argent Road in Pasco from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.

Many pharmacies will give injections to patients who walk in. Some doctor’s offices now offer vaccines. and pop-up clinics have been held in busy locations such as the Pasco Farmers Market. Mobile clinics are also visiting job sites. This includes agricultural and food processing workers.

To find more places where vaccines are available, go to vaccinelocator.doh.wa.gov. and enter your zip code.

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